Tuesday 14 April 2015

The Good Morning Power Cereal (Müsli)

As i was surfing through my site here, i thought hmmm it's long since i uploaded here. Sometimes it's the same dish one is cooking, or at times you just feel like eating really light things and i think may be that's not interesting for others :)
I have been taking time off
Every one surely loves eating cereals for the start of the day, i remember we had Corn Flakes every morning in a cup of hot milk, yes funny na, the majority likes it with cold milk : )
Then with the passing time, a lot of variety came in, Cinni minnies, Choco Pops, Smacks Crunchies and what not, i don't even know all the names lolz
We at home love the Organic Crunchy Cereals with dry fruits in it. My daughter loves it with oats/banana and cold milk and with honey on the top.

Lately she discovered a very sweet cafe where we had our breakfast. We orderd the Müsli and the way it was decorated was so tempting and so lovely which made it look so attractive :)
I took my Inspiration form that and make it similarily with some changes.
It takes like harldy 10 minutes but you have a very good start for the day with all the healthy Vitamin one needs.
I mostly use organic things so i will just write what i buy, in the following list
It is not too expensive, when one realizes  the positive effects of it on our health
The fruit is not injected with pesticidal agents and the honey is not full with White sugar.
This all does make a difference, you feel the original taste of it not to forget the pure and clean food we eat, reflexes our good health, mental and pyhsical both!
You Need:
100 gr  natural yoghurt/Curd (your choice)
2-3 tbs honey
1 small banana
1/2 an apple
1/2 pear
10-12 Grapes
some cruched walnuts
or any dry fruit you like
Any more fruit you like
1 tbs whole meal oats
4-5 tbs crunchy cereal
No Special way to make it, just layers of each and every thing, but in a way that you have crunch and yogurt in hte same layer with fruits and that it Looks beautiful for your eyes too :) It is much more tastier when you enjoy the looks of it too .
Drizzle the honey on each layer if you like it too sweet, i just drizzled on the top
So while you plan to make this, i am eating it already  Muummmmyummmm :D
And remember,breakfast is the main meal you start your day with, never skip it,
it keeps you going on till your next meal that is the Lunch.