Friday 24 July 2015

My Passion My Love :)

Some times small things make you so  happy, i am one of those people who really brighten up at the first look at my plants :) I am never bored taking pictures of them again and again, left and right lolz
I am so loving each petal and each leaf, i just adore them :-)
I like to save these pictures for always and ever and that's why i am always seen making Collage  of my plants :D
I had lately bought 2 more indoor plants, the Mini carnation flowers,Kalanchoe and the Flammingo so how could i not place them on my site :)

Some impressions from last Winter and Autumn :)

It's like seeing your kids grow each day which gives you sheer happiness, passionately in love!!

Monday 20 July 2015


Alhamdolillah for HIS Blessings.
 Sandali Polau with Lamb Qoorma
(Meat Rice and lamb Curry)

Fried Garlic Chicken Drums

Sheer Khorma- Aloo Channay Chaat and Kheer 
(Vermicelli-Potato with Chick-peas and Milk Rice)

The Eid Feast

Thursday 16 July 2015

**Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak to All the Muslim Ummah**


Wishing all my Muslim friends, readers, viewers and members a very very
**Happy Eid Festival**
May Allah accept the supplications you all performed in Ramadan and may you all experience the true happiness of this holy day. Have a lovely Eid feast with your families :D