Tuesday 21 May 2013

**Soft and Spongy Lamingtons**

Once upon a time, my sis Ruhi and i planned to make these Lamingtons, we kept making thousand other things but never came to make these :) I had thought one day I will give her a surprise and make it for her, so today is THE day when I  thought if not today then when?  : )

The name Lamington is so famous and nearly everyone has tasted and quite probably also made them. The Australians have really scored full marks by producing such excellent scrumptious treat!

I won’t say that I always knew how to make them as this is not right, yes I did see them and thought hmmm it’s like a sponge cake with filling with coconut coating : )


I surfed around in the net and saw like over 1 million recipes of it lol.. The main version was with the cocoa filling, some had custard and some had jam into jelly form , so I liked the jelly variation and got all set to make it.
Basically we make a nice spongy sponge cake, it should really be soft so the more butter and eggs the more fluffy and yummy :)
Mostly all had the choco sauce with little milk in it, so I used both, choco milk and grated some fine milk chocolate  bar to make it yummier.
I think I will upload the pictures and settle down in peace and then write the recipe which is actually very easy but at the moment I have another tray which I still have to dip and toss and let it rest so I am off to work and you enjoy these ultra delicious lamingtons : )

Okay so here I am today as promised :)
 I cannot mention that this recipe is from A B or C because I had a look at many and then did what I felt will go good, the sponge cake is a normal soft one with the basic ingredients.
First some useful Tips to get good results:
 1*What I usually do for my cakes is, that i sieve the flour 2 to 3 times, this makes the flour very fine and your batter turns very light, never over beat this flour as it will become sticky and produce lots of bubbles which will spoil the cake’s structure and you will have hundreds of holes all over : )
2*Many use a special Lamington form for it, I don’t think it is necessary as you can make it in any square form and cut nice cubes out of it.
3*I always put my cake in the freezer for a cold shock before I cut it, because if you cut your cake while it is still warm, this will end in many crumbles and the surface will crack and spoil the smooth look
4* Whenever you have to do any filling in any cake which you need to cut in halves always let it cool down complete and if you have  less time then simply place it in the freezer.
This is what you need, sometimes the things added are a bit more or less, but this makes no big difference so worry not if the flour is a tsp more or less :D
But yes the baking powder should be exact as this can over blow your cake : )
 To make the Sponge cake:
2 cups plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
3  eggs (small size)
¾ cup soft butter
¾ cup sugar
200 gram raspberry jam
200gram desiccated coconut
*mix the flour and baking powder and sieve 3 times
*beat the butter till fluffy white
*add the sugar and beat again
*break in the eggs and beat on high speed till all turns into smooth and soft batter
*now start to add the flour/baking powder slowly and just fold in with a wooden spoon
*when all has been mixed well, just beat the batter once or twice with the mixer and then stop!
*lay a baking paper in the tray, I took the small sized 9x9” tray
*spread the batter evenly with a spatula and bake in a preheated oven on 170°C for 20 -25 minutes
*just check with the tooth pick, it’s ready when the stick comes out clean
*take out of the oven and let it cool down a bit, then turn over to a wooden board
*place the board in the freezer if you have enough place or just keep in the fridge so it sets well
*now very carefully cut the cake in halves and lay in separate plates
*now heat a small saucepan and put the raspberry jam in it and mix it very slowly, it will change into jelly, keep mixing so it does not burn or get thick.
*remove the pan, and with the help of a tbs pour it all over on one side of the cake
*just spread till all corners so you have a nice filling and then cover the second part carefully
*now put this sandwich in the fridge or freezer again to set
In the mean time prepare the Choco coating:
75ml milk
2 tsp cocoa powder
2 tbs soft butter
¾ cup castor sugar (icing sugar)
50 gram chocolate block (grated)
*heat the milk on a low flame
*mix in the cocoa powder/sugar
*grate the choco directly in the sauce pan
*now add the butter and keep mixing, this will form a light thick consistency, keep aside
*now take out the cake from the fridge (not more than 15 minutes) and cut equal and even squares
*dip the square in the choco sauce, toss in the coconut and keep on the wire rack to settle
Usually we toss in fresh grated coconut but I din’t have any and if then who would open it : ) So I used the dry one, which tastes equally super!
There you have your ultra yummy Lamingtons ready!!!







  1. looks yummy plz upload this recipe soon

  2. Thank you dear happy girl :)

  3. Rania ji itna time kahan say ajaata hai ap k paas. I am amazed u make so wonderful thingssss. I adore u n ur skills

  4. :) Thank you dear for your so sweet words <3 Well passion ke liye time nikal ataa hai and I am glad to make and share with all of you my dear :)

  5. I wanted to ask two things,how long canu keep them refrigerated and are they served cold or a little warmed up?

  6. Dear Beenish,

    They should stay soft and spongy so best is if you keep them in the rom temperature. I kept them in the kitchen in an airtight box. They stayed fresh and soft till nearly 7 days. If you warm them the Choco sauce will melt and make it sticky. If you keep in fridge they will turn a big firm. You can try and see dear which taste you like better, cold or the room temperature one :)

  7. I just made these,they ultimately turned out to b fine,not very soft as i overbeat the batter after adding flour,my question is after adding flour the batter became too thick,,,i had to add some milk to make it.plz help me out what went wrong or did its supposed to be thick.

  8. Dear Beenish did you use a measuring Cup for it? because if the flour is even a bit more in quantity the batter will be thicker, but dear you did absolutely right by adding some milk in it, as I do the same if I feel it is thick.
    The rest sponginess comes when we dip them in the choco sauce as they absorb the liquid na. So I would say nothing went wrong you did perfectly right :)
    I hope you liked them :)Thank you for giving them a try!