Monday 20 May 2013

Fettuccine with Cabbage/Carrots and Cream Cheese

What would life be without this ultra delicious God sent Gift for us :)
Pasta is in more than 300 forms and shapes, but mostly made with the same ingredients, I buy the whole meal ones as they are healthier and very good in taste
Fettuccine is flat narrow pasta usually made with cheese sauce and butter and lots of parmesan on the top.



I always do my own variations according to my wish and taste, so I just added what I thought would be yummy and I made it on a quick track and it turned out outstandingly scrumptious.
I can recommend it to all who love pasta and want to make some think which is not time consuming then this is the right one!
I used fresh cream cheese in it and made it in herb butter, this is butter where dry herbs like dil, thyme rosemary and chives are already mixed in and at times some garlic too. This gives a very nice creamy taste.
I have used the normal no brand cheese, you can take Exquisa or any equivalent, it is perfect.

What I did was, I just started off all at the same time, I set the pot of water to boil the
Pasta, here I must mention that I broke the narrow strips in two and three as I like it in short form :) So…. then I had some chicken pieces which I had made for tikka, had my cabbage and carrots cut for salad so I used that and of course my fresh basil leaves a must!
While the pasta was ready, I melted a small cube of herb butter in the pan, added the chicken cubes and fried till the pieces were done, then added the cabbage and the carrots and twisted and tossed till it gave a bit fried look.

Mixed in 3 table spoon of fresh cream and let it melt and mix well, sprinkled few drops of Tabasco, by the time it was quite creamy. I just sprinkled some black pepper from the mill, dint need any salt as the butter was salty.
I saved the extra Cals of the parmesan cheese as i had already added cream cheese, just mixed in some basil leaves and some for the top, they give such a nice aroma and are such a must for pasta, I simply love it and my kitchen basil plant is growing so nicely, I am full smiles looking at it daily.

Now because I have written the whole process of what I did, I will mention the ingredients below so you have a slight idea of things. I made around 2 small plates so if you are making more, then double or triple the ingredients to get the best result.
150 gram pasta
3 tbs fresh cream cheese
2-3 tbs Tabasco
1 cube of herb butter (40 gram)
1 cup of shredded cabbage and carrot together
½ piece of chicken breast in cubes
Black pepper form the mill to taste
Salt if required
Some tips for the Pasta:
1-You need 1 liter water for each 100 gram so they have enough space to cook
2-Never pour cold chill water after draining; best is to drain out and keep covered till you have to use it
3-don’t add oil or butter in the boiling water, always drop on the pasta after draining
4- never over boil too soft, always take off as they are a  bit firm to bite, those taste wonderful!
 That’s it, simple, easy, quick, now make and tell me how you liked it :)


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