Saturday 11 May 2013

**Jam and Nutellla filled Cupcakes**

This was my fastest baking adventure, as my friend rang me to come over for a cup of tea, I thought to bake something yummy for us, and as I have found the love of my old cook books once again I found this recipe here,its so easy and quick to bake. These were actually nougat cream cup cakes but I filled in some with Raspberry jam too :)

This batter is very light as I add less sugar in the batter because the jam and nougat cream fill in the gap and taste and then the butter icing  on the top gives it a perfect taste.
As they are freshly baked they seem a bit too soft, but after some hours they get a perfect form and one can bit in directly. The softness is due to the yoghurt I used in it.
I loved the butter icing the most and I literary ate it with spoon while beating it lol
The ingredients are very less and we usually have all stuff at home, so it is a good recipe for sudden guests too : )

You take:
300gram plain flour
50 gram sugar
60 gram soft butter
1 tbs baking powder
1-2 pinch of baking soda
1 pinch of salt
2 eggs
300 gram plain yoghurt
50 ml milk
Nougat cream (nutella)
Raspberry jam

For butter icing:
½ cup soft butter
2-2 ½ cups of castor sugar (can be more, just add accordingly)
2 tsp Vanilla extract
2-3 tsp milk
- You need 2 bowls for it
-In a large bowl sieve the flour, baking powder/soda, add the sugar and salt to it
-Mix all very well together
-Now in the second bowl, whisk the yoghurt, add the egg and milk
-beat these all on a high speed till all creamy
-Now drop this mixture on the flour mix and mix all with a spatula in the start
-Now use the beater but on a medium speed and only 1-2 minutes!!
-Mix the batter once again with the spoon or spatula, this way the batter stays light and airy
- Now lay the paper cups in the cup cakes try, this gives your cuppies a good and firm shape
-Fill in each cup with 1 tbs batter, now drop 1 tsp of jam and nougat cream alternately in the middle of this batter, now cover with 1 tbs batter again and spread it slightly so it covers the whole cream and jam.
-Bake on the middle rack in a preheated oven 170°C for around 20 -25 minutes
-Just insert a shashlik stick deep to check, it will come out a bit wet because of the jam and cream in it so no worries,
13. It is possible that they are done in 20 minutes so best is to keep a check.
Let them cool down completely before you start the icing as the butter will melt immediately and spoil your decoration: )
*Now make your icing fresh:
*Beat the butter till fluffy white
*Add the castor sugar slowly and keep mixing then beat all with the hand mixer
*Drizzle drops of milk to make it smooth, add the vanilla extract for aroma
*Now you can play around with your  icing pipe and different nozzles : )
I sprinkled some sugar decorating pearls I had, just use what you like to
So our cute Cuppies are ready to gobble!!




  1. Hi Rania, Don't u think 1 tbs[tablespoon] of baking powder will b too much, or is it a typing error. Pls help. TC & Keep posting lovely recipes.

  2. Hi Rania, just wanted to know that isn't 1 tbs meaning table spoon a bit too much of baking powder for this recipe. Is it a typing error or we do need this much of baking powder, pls clarify. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Dear Tamkeen :) 1tbs spoon is right dear.Usually we take 1 tsp for each 100 gram, and here I have 300 grams so took 1 tbs and pinch of soda which makes it prefect, so no worries and go ahead dear Insha'Allah you'll make them perfect :)
    Do let me know how they turned out :) Good Luck!