Wednesday 7 March 2012

Spicy Fish Fry

A savoury  which can be eaten any time, simple, spicy, hot, healthy, and a warmth for our tummies : )I usually make it when i cook my Hubby's favorite lentil, as they go best with it :) A fresh homemade chapatti with a lill' bit of butter and fried fish... wow i am in heaven :)

*4-6 Fish fillet (Pangasius filet)
*¾ tsp salt
*¾ tsp red chili flakes
*½ haldi(turmeric powder)
*½ tsp ajwain (celery seeds)
*½ tsp aamchoor ( dry mango powder)
*1 tbs crushed fresh garlic
*1tsp white cumin seeds (crushed)
*5 tbs fresh lemon juice
*½ tsp garam masala (all spices)

*Wash and make 3 pieces of each fish filet
*Mix all spices in ½ cup oil into a smooth mixture
*Prick the fish with a fork and rub this mixture over the fish pieces.
*Leave it in the fridge for an hour or two.
*Shallow fry till it takes a nice brown color
*Garnish with fresh lemon and salad leaves
*i used my Julienne Cutter for the cucumber:-D
*Serve with Garlic green chili raita(Yoghurt dip)

Very tasty and crispy!!!


  1. Beautiful presentation indeed! You do have a knack for it I can see. And the recipe is easy too. Thankyou for writing the urdu words too, I often forget the names of the spices when changing from English to Urdu and confuse many :)

  2. Joined the block ... n unliked the page it's sad though :(
    But we r here following ur yummilicious recipes again :P

  3. dats a gud combo.. first time here Rania... luv to follow u...

  4. Welcome on my Blog dear Saima and dear Hasna :)Thank you for joining hope you feel cozy here :)

  5. YUMMY!! What a spicy healthy dish, love it!

  6. Thanks Lovely :)Come i'll make for you :)