Sunday 18 March 2012


I always loved this sweetmeat and as I came here after marriage I literally craved for it but didn’t have it here. So I got together with some friends and we tried different ways, many put yeast in it and it fluffed up like a ballon: ) Then we tried to use simple atta that made it hard.

So finally we used very less ingredients and got a better result and then we thought well its very simple not much into it for best results : )

So here is actually really the best recipe with very few ingredients but top out come!!! Just follow the instructions as is as it’s only a matter of practice. If at first time it doesn’t turn out good that’s normal we really need to be patient and cool : )

I make my own self raising flour always also for all  my cakes, so here you go:

If you don't have SR, follow this recipe:

1 cup flour
1tsp level baking powder
sieve both so that they mix in well together

And now the normal recipe...
To make the batter:
1 cup SR flour
2 pinch yellow food color
cold water to mix

To make the syrup:
3 cups sugar
1 ½ glass water

Make the sugar syrup, let it cool completely, it should be thick, only then will the jalebi will get its taste.
Mix the flour, with the food color and mix it with COLD water, it will start turning very sticky like glue, keep mixing strongly with a whisker till the batter is very creamy but not runny.

I use the icing set which is used for cakes and fix the tinniest nozzle on it as when you drop the batter in the oil it will increase in size so better use the smallest one, now heat the oil, fill in the icing device, and go round around with it dropping it in the oil and make the form of jalebi .

Don’t fry too long you will feel as the color changes to a light brownish orange, take it out and put it directly in the syrup BUT take it immediately out after 4-5 seconds!! If it stays long it will become very soggy, to have it crunchy you have to hurry, place them on a grill so that the extra syrup runs out, don’t cover them they will stay crunchy 100%

ENJOY and do share your experience :)


  1. Can i please have your amazing kulfi reipe . jazakallah

  2. Dear Anonymous it is on this blog just put the name in search bar and you will get it:) Thank you

  3. Aoa rania,sorry to bother u but what happened to foodilicious??u guys were doing great then how this happened?i m still in a state of shock.hope to hear a word from u soon.jazakALLAH

  4. AoA every time i search for kulfi it shows jalebi recipe . i would like to have that recipe that u posted in foodi . i absolutely love it its the best recipe ever , jazakallah. maria

  5. Wa'alaikum Assalaam Maria dear, when you type in the search bar it shows you the the link you just have to scroll till the top and in the transparent back ground you see the titel and link, just try again; but here's the link too for your : )

  6. Divine...I have seriously seen this perfect home-made jalebi for the first time. You have got the talent MashaAllah. Keep it Up!!

  7. Assalamoalaykum, I have tried one or two of your receipes, and loved if i want to print your receipes,can i do that and how,take care. Jazak Allah.

  8. Dear SSheikh, thank you for your comment,dear life has much more to explore so i look after my Blog here and an on Fb for you all too:) Do check in:)

    Dear Anonymous,Wa'alaikum Assalaam :) Thank you for your nice feedback, yes you can print them dear, just copy paste them in word document and print :) Hope you enjoy trying more :)

  9. Hai like to know how long do u boil ur syrup?

  10. Hello dear Shameema, it takes around 10-15 minutes, you keep checking it as it should be thick but not too thick and must not form Crystal,as then the Jalebi wont absorb properly.
    The syrup has to be of a three threads
    This means when you take a drop between your thumb and index finger and try to open and Close them like a clothespin, you will see fine threads forming.
    Good Luck :)

  11. Hi Rania . Just wanted to ask is it 3 tea cups or mugs?

  12. Dear Anonymous

    So very sorry for this late reply, i missed your post and have seen it now
    It is a measuring cup that i use dear, it is best to keep all the measurements perfect because we all have different types and sizes of cups at home and that can be of a problem :)
    It is best to use the measuring Cup.

    Though Eid has passed but i hope you can still make it :D Good luck!