Tuesday 25 September 2012

"Raspberry/Blackberry Soft Cheese Cake"

I love making different sorts of cheese cakes, with and without cheese : ) the result is always the same, they get gobbled up in no time!
This here is a very famous and old German Cheese cake, I got the recipe from my elderly Neighbors, she made it with gelatin and I don’t like that :/ I made this without, and it is simply super duper!
You just have to be patient and let it chill overnight, then you get the exact form and structure of it and it is extreme creamy and yummy : )

I baked this specially to give myself a treat :) I have another cooking page which i started in June this year. I never thought i would get such a great feedback and my members will increase daily:) 

I love my work, i just simply love sharing all my recipes with all and thanks to my God that i really have a great number of such sweet members which all made it possible that i hit and cross the 5,000 number!!! So i gave my dear members and myself this yummy treat A "virtual" treat :) 

 My beautiful daughter had gifted me this lovely rose which i preserved by drying it and she decorated our table :)

This is what you need to do:

200 gram simple butter biscuits (Merry Biscuits)
120 gram soft butter
450 gram cream Fraiche
200gram sour cream
2 eggs
150 gram sugar
150 gram mix of Rasp/Black berries
Zest of one organic lemon!

-First make the base of the cake and let it set for at least an hour
-crush the biscuits and mix in the soft butter
-spread it evenly in a baking form, I took a casserole
-press with palms to make it smooth and keep in fridge to set

-as the base is hard, then prepare the cream to fill in
-beat the butter and sugar till creamy
-all the egg and beat again till creamier
-all both the creams and beat on a medium speed till all thick and smooth
-grate in the zest of the lemon and just fold in
-pour this onto the firm base and drop the berries all over, some will sink some will stay on the top
-bake in a preheated oven on 150°C for a good 80-90 minutes!
-Yes this is the required time as we bake on a low heat, to avoid the cream from burning and turning brown!
-as the top seems fluffy and light creamy it’s ready, take it out and let it cool down at least an hour
-then cover and keep in fridge so it sets very well
-if you cut out any pieces before it is really cold, it will not give you good a good shape, so wait till it is really chilled overnight : )

Good Luck and Happy baking!!!

Monday 24 September 2012

Roses are Red and the grass is Green :)

The eyes need to see the beauty of nature :)
Though man made; but a lovely piece of art for the eyes!

The yummiset warm spicy ** Six Mixed Daal **

There is no introduction for Daal it is simply “Daal jo nibhay Naal” Long before I never understood as my dear Dad used to say this, I just liked the rhythm of his sentence : ) Today I know what he meant….

No matter how lush your daily meals are, but Daal is Daal and nothing compares with its uniqueness!!

 I know everyone cooks Daal so often that it’s nothing new here, it just has to be cooked perfectly, which I also learnt eventually : ) My childhood Aunt used to say…. “A girl is considered a good cook when she can make a perfect Daal and knows how to boil an egg “
Strange I thought, but if I really think of it now it is so true… two simple things but need the right way to cook : )

If water is swimming above the Daal it’s a no go and if eggs break up after the first boil…. hmmm well too bad : )

I make mixed daals quite often, this time I tried to mix 6 together, I had bought the pigeon lentil and wanted to cook it but not alone, so I mixed it up with the rest.
Very easy peasy recipe, just the ratio matters for a good consistency, as this here Is thick and delicious with Naan.

¾ cup Daal channa (Bengal gram)
¼ cup Daal mash (White/Urdh/split gram)
¾ cup Daal masoor dhulli ( red split lentil)
¼ cuDaal moong ( Yellow split lentil)
¼ cup Daal moong chilkay waali
(Urdh/skinned green gram)
3 tbs Pigeon pea lentil
*clean and wash all together thoroughly, and soak overnight in a bowl full of water

We add lots of Fresh Ginger to it which builds’ the yummy taste.
3 inch piece of fresh ginger (julienne cut around 2tbs!)
1 ¼ tsp salt or to taste
¾ tsp red chili powder
1 ½ tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp black pepper powder
½ tsp turmeric (haldi)
½ tsp of mixed cloves and black cardamom powder

-fill a broad pot with 5-6 glasses of water
-add all the spices in it with ginger and let it boil once to twice
-now wash the soaked lentils very well as it will be foamy
-add in the boiling water to cook
-keep the heat medium but reduce to low after it comes to boil again
-the lentils will take time to cook and the water will keep drying
-keep a check is you feel water evaporating fast, add some more
-the Bengal lentil gets flatter and thicker and may stick to the bottom so keep a check and stir once or twice
-after nearly an hour you will see all daals mixed up, so now just use your electrical mixer once so that the daals break up and mix well like a soup, but DON’T beat too much we keep the channa daal visible in it!
Let it cook again, you will see water on the surface so that has to be cooked slowly till it dries up!
-add another spoon of grated ginger in it at this point and let cook.
-it will take around 2 hours to cook coz the lower the heat the tastier it will be..
Once you see only Daal, and no liquid on it, it is done

*prepare the Baghaar*

1 large onion
6-8 whole red chilies
2 tsp white cumin seeds
½ tsp black peppercorn
¼ tsp cloves
½ cup desi ghee (clarified butter)
1 inch of fresh ginger in stripes to fry in the end
It may seem that there is too much ghee but as we mix it into the daal tis not much because we are just using it in the bagaahrr na so it’s perfectly ok!

*heat the ghee,add the red chilies and let them puff up
*now add the onion and fry till light brown
*add the cloves/peppercorn and fry a bit more
*don’t let the onion burn; as soon as it is gold add the cumin seeds
*once they turn light brown and give a nice fried smell, remove and pour onto the daal pot and cover immediately so al the aroma stays in the pot!
*now heart just 1tsb of ghee and fry the ginger stripes in it till nice light brown and pour that on the daal

The delicious Daal is ready to serve with naan or khushka, your choice. We had it with spoons later, it’s simply divine!!!

I don’t add any greenery in this Daal, no green chilies and no fresh coriander or tomatoes….. These all are a NO GO in Daal : )
You just taste the gingery touch!!!

                                                         This is how the lentils look:

  Happy cooking!! 


Hot Minced Meat Polau

 This is a very simple Polau yet very rich and heavy!
It is cooked in tomatoes and does'nt have the typical all spices, i did use some thoiug :) It is a complete heavy meal so i don't make any dip or raita or curry with it : )
Just serve with a nice Salad and chutney,that tastes very good!!!

Here is what i did:
600gram minced meat
2-3 onion (Fine sliced)
4-5 green chilies (fine chopped)
2 tomatoes (fine cubes)
100ml oil
2 inch piece of fresh ginger (fine julienne cut)
2-3pods of garlic
1 tsp salt
½ red chili flakes
½ tsp of cinnamon and cloves powder
4-6 red whole chilies
½ tsp black pepper corn
½ tsp gram masala
¾ tsp cumin powder
Fresh coriander for garnishing
3 hard boiled eggs
 3 cups Basmati Rice
(Wash and soak in luke warm water for 15-20 minutes)
2 ½ tsp salt or to taste more or less!!
3 glass water

 -heat the oil in a broad vessel
-add the red whole chilies and fry till light brown
-add the black pepper and fry slightly
-now add the half onion and fry till gold brown
-now add half the ginger strips and fry and add the mince in it
-stir fry carefully till it changes color; sprinkle the garlic to kill its raw smell
-now add the spices salt, red chili flakes, cloves, and cinnamon and cumin powder
-the mince will get cooked very fast; don’t add any water at this stage
-as the water dries up, add the tomato cubes and the chopped green chili
-keep stirring on and off with an open lid, we have to dry up all the moisture!
-sprinkle the garam masala once it’s dry and done!
-now add the 3 glasses of water for rice and bring to a boil
-taste the salt, it should be quite salty when you check, but that is okay because it has to absorb in the rice!
-Drain the rice and add to the pot, cook it on high heat, you will see rice fluffing and water forming bubbles
-at this stage turn to the lowest heat, place a piece of Alum. Foil and set on Dumm.
-In around 15 minutes it ready to serve
-slice the boiled eggs and decorate on sides as you dish out!
-garnish with chopped coriander

-I made harri chutney (green Chutney)with it, as it is a complete meal with spices; we need nothing else with it!!
You will feel the hotness of garam masalay (cloves, cinnamon, garam masala.. if you want you can take less quantity, but in this polau we don’t add too muc red chilies to make it hot .
Enjoy !!

My Cheezzzy Creamy Pasta Primavera!

Pasta is the best Medicine to brighten up your day or night :)

Did you know that only one plate of Pasta can change your world : ) It did change mines : )
Always a delight for the eyes and tummy, it’s the easiest and yummiest way to prepare this hearty dish and is ready in no time with the best results!
We can make pasta Primavera with different Vegetables and pasta of your choice, usually we use the bow pasta, I wanted these here : )
So this is what I did:
1 chicken breast fillet (around250 gram)
1 cup green beans (thin ones)
1 cup carrots (fine julienne cut)
½ cup cabbage (fine julienne cut)
3-4 tbs green peas
4-5 tbs butter
150 gram grated cheese (I took G ouda)
Few basil leaves

Spices all to taste:
Red crushed chili flakes
Mixed dry herbs
(Rosemary, thyme, oregano, kräuter der province)
A mix of dry olives and chives
-Boil the pasta as directed, drain and set aside
-Prick the fillet, rub in salt and black pepper and sprinkle lemon juice
-Shallow fry the fillet without cutting it till nice golden from all sides
-Now you cut in flat thick pieces
-Now fry them in the same oil, from all sides, add the beans, and carrots and stir
-Don’t overcook, just till ¾ so they stay bite firm, as that tastes very good
-Now add the cabbage and peas and mix all, stir with open lid
-Sprinkle all spices and keep mixing on a low heat
-In the end add the basil leaves and sprinkle grated cheese all over
-Let it melt, it’s ready to dish out
-First lay a bed of pasta and top with this delicious Primavera
-I sprinkled parmesan cheese on the top and few drops of Tabasco
Enjoy your yummy plate : )

Friday 14 September 2012

*My Gulaaboos and Ras-Malai * :)

These two sweet dishes are my family's most fav ones, so i can make them any time, and many times :) A dear friend loves my Ras-Malai, so as she was here i thought why not make both of them :)
This time i cooked the milk for Ras-Malai around more than one and half hour, i added a whole tin of condense milk, not the thick sweet one but the tea/coffee milk,so you can see the pale color, i tell you it's so heavenly delicious, it gives you the taste of some Khoya milk. The Ras-Malais puffed up so well and yet so soft.... simply divine and a must try :)
Both these recipes are to be found right here in my blog.




I sprinkled some of my very precious saffron i got as a gift from my friend from Iran, the pure original one,but sadly as i poured the milk into the bowl all vanished in the milk, but well hope you are getting the aroma through the pictures :D   
I made extra small tiny balls of Gulab jamun
so that we can have them without any guilty
conscience , and that worked,we both sat
and had ONLY 3 each :D

Thursday 13 September 2012

My Tangy Spicy Chutney

Our Harri Chutney is the yummiest and tastiest answer to any ketchup, sauce or chili sauce in this world, well I believe so : )
It’s a must in our daily meals, i usually make a large amount and freeze it in small portions so i just have to thaw it when needed. Today as my hubby bought fresh coriander i couldn’t resist making it fresh immediately and had it with my Polau wow what a divine taste : )
It is simple and quick to make, of course there are...

many many ways to make it and many variations with different things, the main ingredients are but really few to have THE chutney taste
Mom used to make this on her “Sil-Batta”  ( Mortar and Pestle) that was the best, I don’t have any here but it gives more or less the same taste : )

Of course you can omit the tomato and just add water to make it runny ,but be careful  just add in drops so it does not turn too thin :)
I made it this way:
½ bunch fresh peppermint leaves
1 bunch coriander
4-5 green chilies
3 pods fresh garlic
Juice of 1 fresh lemon
¼ tsp crushed black pepper
¼ tsp salt or to taste
1 large tomato


*chop all and blend long till very fine
*I don’t add salt in the chutney directly as it changes the color to a darker one
*ad d salt each time you take out to serve so it stays lovely green
*I add no red chili in this one because green chilies are the main taste maker in here

 *keep this in a glass jar or bottle, in the fridge, it stays really fresh till 4-5 days
*if you make more, just freeze it , it’s very practical to just thaw and mix in yoghurt to eat as is.

**Another version I make is, I add onion, tomatoes, red chilie flakes, roasted cumin powder, a piece of ginger and some vinegar with lots of green chilies and only coriander, That is too hot and is served with all sort of rice dishes

Saturday 8 September 2012

Channay Ki Daal Halwa ( Gram Lentil sweet dish)

This is a very tasty Halwa usually made in the cold days of winter. A must sweet dish on many occasions.
You just have to have strong arms to make this, as it’s a lot of stirring and bhooning  : )
You can make it as a soft halwa or even make is in pieces, I like it in pieces. It stays good long if you keep it in tin box.
So this is what you need for it:
1 1/2 cups Gram Lentils or Chane Ki Daal
(soaked overnight or soaked in hot water for 2-3 hrs)
1 cup Sugar or to taste more….
1 1/2 cups Milk Powder – (I used Nido)
3-4 Small Cardamoms
1/2 cup Oil - first round
1/2 cup Oil - 2nd round

*Wash gram lentils and soak them in hot water for 2-3 hours. Or Soak it overnight :)
*In a heavy pan, boil the lentils till water dries and lentils are tender.
*Grind the lentils in a food processor till smooth paste is formed.
In a wok heat 1/2 cup oil on medium heat and then add the cardamom.
*When they start to pop up, add the lentil paste.
Stir till fragrant.
*Add sugar and mix well. Lower the heat and stir for about 10-12 minutes.
*Add milk powder a little at a time, making sure no lumps form.
*Add the 2nd half cup oil.
*Stir well till oil separates on the sides.
*Spread halwa in a tray and leave to cool.
*Sprinkle with chopped nuts and press in a little.
After it cools, cut into squares or diamonds and serve.

TIP: You know it's done when it's kind a like doughy texture and crumbly.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Bihaari Chicken Boti Rolls

Bihari Kababs/Boti/tikka  are actually made with beef undercut but I used chicken fillet as it tastes equally good. The main ingredients of this are the roasted channa, papaya and poppy seeds (Khaskhaash) which make them so thick yummy. Quite similar to the gravy of pasanday : )



For chicken we don’t need the papaya for marination as it cooks fast, but if anyone is using desi chicken then we do need to use papaya in it or else it will take too long to cook or fry.

This is what you need: 
500gram chicken fillet (cut in cubes)
150 gram yoghurt
2 onion fried, and crushed into paste
1tsp roasted Channay powder (yellow chick peas)
1tsp roasted khaskhaash grinded (poppy seeds)
1tsp red chili flakes
1tsp salt or to taste
½ tsp black pepper
¾ tsp All spices (garam masala)
1tbs ginger/garlic paste
Juice of 1 lemon
-cut the chicken cubes and rub the lemon juice on it
-pour yoghurt in a bowl and mix in all the ingredients well
-add the chicken and mix so well that all the spicy paste covers the pieces
-keep to marinate at least 2-3 hours
-best is over night, I kept them over night

-next day, heat up some clarified butter in a wok
-add 3-4 black cardamom, let splutter
-now put the marinated chicken in it
-let it cook without a lid
-the yoghurt will leave water and form thick gravy
-keep stirring as the poppy seeds and Channay powder will make it thick and it can burn very fast if unattended!
-the meat will cook fast, be careful not to mash the pieces just keep the spoon moving round around so the gravy cooks and sticks to the meat
-it’s ready in no time
I made my naans at home and made the rolls with sprinkling green Chutney and Mayo and ketchup all of them a lill bit on each of them and garnished with red onion, salad leaves and green chilis
Viola your Rolls are ready!!
This was my Eid  Feast, you'll find all recipes of the goodies in my Blog :)



Tuesday 4 September 2012

Turkish Naan (Türkisches Fladenbrot)

 I had made daal and Koftay and was thinking to ask someone coming home from work to buy a naan so I won’t have to make rice or roti and this gave me the idea…hey why not make it myself : )
The Turkish flat naan is so very common here and also very favorite especially with all sort of Daals or Spreads or Shorba curry. It is not at all difficult to make but then of course the readymade is easier na : )

Anyway I started off immediately and Alhamdolillah it really turned out so good, the home was full of divine aroma of fresh bread and I was so happy observing it fluff up in the oven. It’s the happiness of like passing some exam I tell you : )

I just made one big one which was sufficient for one meal but I will surely make it once again : )
So this is what you need to do:

300gram plain flour
1tsp salt
2 -3 tbs olive oil
1 ¼ tbs dry yeast
1tsp sugar
200-215 ml luke warm water
2tsp yoghurt
1 egg
1tsp sesame
1tsp nigella seeds (kalonji/black seeds)
(These are the main seeds on the Turkish bread, an important taste builder!!!)

-make a pre-dough by mixing water, oil, sugar and dry yeast
-don’t pour all the water, just add 200ml and keep the rest for later if needed
-let it stay till frothy bubbles show up (around 15 minutes)
-now add the flour in it and just mix gently, don’t knead it, just move your hands in a circle form and gather all flour from sides, drip in the yoghurt and keep mixing till it makes a really sticky and soft dough
-just grease your hands, and lift all the dough once to gather and place it back in the bowl.
-cove r it and keep in a warm place to rise
-best is I always preheat the oven on only 50°C and turn it off
-cover the bowl and place it on a wooden board on the last rack of the oven

My bread shop keeper is a Turk and his Mom told me she never kneads the dough with a machine, never rolls it , does all with her palms and that it has to be very sticky like anything and softy hanging dough.

So as I started and it was made I was like ahaaaaan and now???
Anyway I put it in the bowl and let it rise in a warm place

-After an hour it was even shabbier : )so I put my hands in flour and spread it directly on the baking tray with my palms.
- Grease the tray well so it does not stick from the bottom
- Just spray your palms and keep spreading lengthwise gently
-now even the corners if you like too, I didn’t it looks original with wavy edges.
-now brush the egg gently all over
-in the end just press your knuckles all around in a row or uneven
-pressing fingers in it may cause a hole so the tip is use knuckles!
-sprinkle the sesame seeds and then the black seeds
-Keep it in a preheated oven on 170°C and bake around 20-25 minutes
-as the Naan takes a lovely gold color, it’s ready
-take it out, wrap in a kitchen cloth and close in a nylon bag
-the steam which builds’ in will keep the naan soft
You can see the airy structure of the naan; this happens when the dough is soft and sticky as too much kneading activates the gluten and makes the bread stuffy!!! We don’t like those very thick ones so I made the flatter one : )

My Family was so delighted and impressed, it was gone in a go, so today again on list : )

Saturday 1 September 2012


This is a gorgeous outcome of my breakfast yesterday : )
I actually only wanted to make an egg and a cup of tea and as I was logging off I saw Ruhi’s Balushahi’s picture and then….. Immediately I had the Change of plan I started doing this.

Whoa what to say… It’s so so so very delicious and the result is really worth trying it once!!
The dough is so soft and easy to make, the Desi Ghee makes it ultra divine : )
I was waiting for them to get set and dried up because only then they are really crispy and yummz


 Thank you Ruhi my dearest for another super duper recipe you showed us, I’d say you keep on trying from the Chefs and I’d keep trying yours :D
I have Balushahis everywhere in my kitchen anyone wants to try : )

Here is the recipe in Ruhi’s words once again : )
Muah and Thank you my Ruh!!!
 This is Chef Afzal Nizami's recipe - saw it on TV.. I've tried many different recipes of Balushahis before since I love them.. but they never even came close.. This one is a keeper, Alhamdolillah.
Just read through all instructions carefully and follow them.. inshaAllah u'll have a perfect result..

1 kilo flour
1/2 pao - 125 gms each of:
ghee - melt and then measure!
1 level tsp baking soda - just LEVEL! not too much!!

1 kilo sugar
1/2 litre water


First cook the sheera - mix sugar and water and elaichis and let it boil. You want a thick sheera but not too thick.. The Chef said to boil it for 10 to 12 minutes.. but I boiled it only for 5 - it had the required thickness..

Next, in a large bowl, add the liquid ings.. water, ghee and yoghurt. Whisk together and add baking soda. Mix well.

Add the flour, and mix a dough - do NOT knead it like ata.. or dough. You dont want a dough - that will make it hard and elastic. Just mix together, with gentle hands... until it all comes together.

Tip it out on a board or whatever you have.. and flatten it.. cut through the middle with your hands and divide in two. Place one on top of the other, pat down so as to join them and then repeat this process 4 or 5 times.

Break off small balls - I divided it in 4 parts and then rolled each and cut off small pieces with a knife..

Place the small piece between your palms.. flat side down.. and press with both palms in a circular motion.. do NOT press down hardly.. remember, you dont want to knead it in any manner..

This gentle circular motion will give it the layers.. Then place this balushahi on the back of your thumb.. and press a hole through it with the thumb of your other hand.. not too big..

While you are making them.. place ghee in a deep pan..and heat on lowest. The ghee should only be so hot that you can tip your finger in it and not burn.

Place the balushahis in the ghee. They should sin to the bottom and not do anything.. just sit there..

In a few minutes, as the hot geeh works, the balushahis will bubble up.. once they are all up, increase heat to full and fry them from one side to a golden colour

Look carefully, when the bottom side is done, turn them over and TURN OFF HEAT!!

That is a must - the heat is enough to fry them from below too.. But the turning off stove will cool the ghee down enoough for the next batch.

So when u put in the next batch, they'll sink down like before.. then turn heat back on..

As soon as the colour is as you like, take them out and put them in the sheera. Pour over some with the help of a spoon. Turn over once so that they get soaked from both sides.

Remove after 2 minutes and let them drip off on a jali..

The sugar will dry out and give those white touches.. Eat them once they're cool.. otherwise they wont have the crunch u want and u'll be disappointed...