Wednesday 24 August 2016


So.... it happened that i was always longing to have my own very own coriander where i could just cut it daily for my fresh curries, but somehow the coriander din't want to grow :I

Lately my dearest friend brought me a tray with her home made fresh compost for my balcony so i could sow some summer flowers in it.

I thought why not coriander :) I had the best Organic soil,fresh with Quality ingredients such as, apple,coffee and tea, tea bags  vegetable rests, grass, egg shells, flowers and much more so what more do i need.

So here's what i did;

I took nearly 4-5 table spoons of dry coriander,crushed the whole coriander seeds with very gentle hands so that it splits, just crush them between your both Palms, as the seeds are in that small round corn and we need to open that, then spread it all over the tray from one end to the other.

I did not press them deep down, may be just slightly 1,2 cm
I did not cover with too much soil, just dusted it over the seeds.
Watered and let it on the window pane where it could get a good amount of sunshine

It took nearly 2 weeks till the first tiny green head popped out, i was thrilled with happiness,
It was only HIS work that HE gave life to these tiny seeds Subhaan'Allah!

You can see the coriander Shell still stuck on the tiny leaves :) How cute, how delicate

Then they grew every day just  a little bit, i just showered water on it,not directly on the thin delicate leaves but just on the sides and just sprinkled water all over as the seeds need water to open up.

And this is after 3-4 weeks now

It took a good 4 weeks time that the tray was full with these tiny leaves
I just placed the tray in the direction of the sun, we had a very cloudy month so i tried to pull each sun ray towards my coriander :D

Now after 5-6 weeks they are growing  with a speed Masha'Allah
I watch them each morning, afternoon and evening and feel so happy to see them growing in length :)

Of Course the great part is the Quality soil,if i had no good soil i would have no good results, so Thank you my dearest Susanne for your hard work and love,i can only return the favor with my yummy dishes with this fresh coriander on the top :D

So all  who have tried or want to sow coriander,start it now there is no rocket science i it,just simply the best soil, seeds, sun water and a loving glance each day :D

I am loving each bit of it :)

Thursday 11 August 2016

*Delish Moments to Cherish*

A BIG HELLO to all my viewers, followers,friends and readers :)

It's been a long time since i uploaded any new recipes, the reason was that i had been cooking more or less the same dishes which already exist here :)

Secondly my beloved camera,my long time campanion took retirement and it was no more fun for me taking pictures with the iPhone :'(

But just today i have ordered a lovely new camera and hopefuly i will get that in a week and then may be i'd set my hands on my pots and pans :D

But i had been inviting my  friends on brunch as that is the highlight when we get together.
I enjoy preparing a variety of things a little from each, where the eyes and tummy both enjoy; so sharing some of the tasty Moments with you all

There is no Special recipe to be quoted,but if any one needs to know, feel free to ask.

Moments..., i love to capture and save them,where we spend hours on good discussions, healthy exchangings of Knowledge and heartily laughter and joy.

Pesto filled buns-Fritata---Fresh fruits in yoghurt with honey----Goat Cheese stuffed pointed Paprika

A Whole meal based Breakfast,with fresh fruits and the fresh fruits Juice

It's such a healthy start of the day with all the Vitamins one can get, the juicy water melon is just the best one can have every morning :)

I love the Broccoli Fritata,can have it daily :) The spelt bread is the bestest among the bests!
You may see lots of Fritata on my table,well there are so many ingredients for different tastes so i bake them quite frequently :)

Okay this is cheating, no brunch lolz...but my Eid Feast after the month of Ramadan :)

A mix of all my goodies,some here some there

             Stay blessed and Keep dropping by :D