Thursday 11 August 2016

*Delish Moments to Cherish*

A BIG HELLO to all my viewers, followers,friends and readers :)

It's been a long time since i uploaded any new recipes, the reason was that i had been cooking more or less the same dishes which already exist here :)

Secondly my beloved camera,my long time campanion took retirement and it was no more fun for me taking pictures with the iPhone :'(

But just today i have ordered a lovely new camera and hopefuly i will get that in a week and then may be i'd set my hands on my pots and pans :D

But i had been inviting my  friends on brunch as that is the highlight when we get together.
I enjoy preparing a variety of things a little from each, where the eyes and tummy both enjoy; so sharing some of the tasty Moments with you all

There is no Special recipe to be quoted,but if any one needs to know, feel free to ask.

Moments..., i love to capture and save them,where we spend hours on good discussions, healthy exchangings of Knowledge and heartily laughter and joy.

Pesto filled buns-Fritata---Fresh fruits in yoghurt with honey----Goat Cheese stuffed pointed Paprika

A Whole meal based Breakfast,with fresh fruits and the fresh fruits Juice

It's such a healthy start of the day with all the Vitamins one can get, the juicy water melon is just the best one can have every morning :)

I love the Broccoli Fritata,can have it daily :) The spelt bread is the bestest among the bests!
You may see lots of Fritata on my table,well there are so many ingredients for different tastes so i bake them quite frequently :)

Okay this is cheating, no brunch lolz...but my Eid Feast after the month of Ramadan :)

A mix of all my goodies,some here some there

             Stay blessed and Keep dropping by :D

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