Friday 2 October 2015

Banana/Choc/Dates/Nuts Cookies

One smart thing i have learnt over the years, the best way to avoid the “Not amused” looks of the head crown as the bananas turn black lolz, is to bake them, cook them, fry them or hide them hehehe.
But I usually bake them as they are the ideal ones to be mashed and baked
But honestly I really wonder sometimes why are only the bananas left over in the fruit tray and it’s always the last 2/3 and then they stay in the line of fire lolzzz
I was noticing the last 2 bananas turn brown then darker and darker so I planned to bake Cookies
So this time I have added much more in it and they turned out really very delish.
I added, dates, walnuts, almonds, oats and chocolate
I had no simple bake chocolate at home, but had the bar with cranberry and grapes so I cut them in small pieces and tucked them on the cookies, they tasted so heavenly yummz
They are baked so soft and fluffy, full with the banana flavor and the crunch of all the nuts
Simple and quick and easy to make, very practical as a take away snack on way to work : )
This is what you need;
3 extra ripe bananas (mashed)
1 cup AP flour
¼ cup organic honey
1 large egg
½ cup soft butter
½ tsp of soda bicarbonate
1-2 tsp organic honey
½ cup of Walnuts and Almonds mixed
¾ cup of oats
½ cup pitted and chopped dates
¼ bar of chocolate, chopped in squares
Sift the flour and Soda in a bowl
Mash the bananas
Beat the butterand suga fluffy
Add in the flour and mix gently
sprinkle all nuts and the choclate and mix
(You can add more nuts of your choice like Hazel nuts Pecan nuts and and and …I added cranberries and dry raisins last time; they give a very chewy taste)
Fold in the mash bananas and mix all well
Drop the batter on a greased tray keeping a 2cm distance in each cookie
-keep an eye as they should not burn, the banana may turn darker very fast, we just need to bake the flour and 20 minutes are totally perfect
-once they are done, shift them onto the cooling wire with the help of a spatula
-they stay soft and eatable till 4-5 days, you can keep them in the fridge, or good  packed, to give away before you  eat them all : )
Do try them, a perfect snack for your tea time as well.
You can sprinkle castor sugar once they are out of the oven, I did not as I added Honey and the bananas were sweet too.
Enjoy the “coming winter” baking time :)

Wednesday 23 September 2015


A Blessed Eid-ul Azha to all my dear Family and all my Muslim friends,viewers and readers 
May this occasion bring happiness in your homes and of those who are suffering in any way. Ameen

Thursday 10 September 2015

**Balti Gosht **

Funny name na :) Even i laughed as i heard this the first time, I thought why on earth is it called balti gosht, we don’t cook it in a balti , if I translate it, it’s really odd, that is  Meat cooked in a bucket lolz
Well it is called so in Punjab, this is what I was told, it is famous in restaurants as they make it in really big large Karahies . I don’t know the real reason behind this name but one thing I know that this is the tastiest ever karahi one can make and eat!
My hub’s’ best childhood friend is a wonderful cook; his cooking is really beyond question!
Not only cooking, but sweet dishes too and his Pizza is always a hit!
The first time he invited us after our marriage, he made this dashing dish, the aroma was like in the whole house and the way he made it fast and quick and with the best taste ever
Since then I am making this too, it is my hub’s most favorite, well mines too :)
So simple so easy so fast, less ingredients, great outcome, one feels like licking the bowls and karahies till the last masala is sweeped away… honestly : )
You take:
700 kg meat washed and in medium pieces,best with bone
3 big tomatoes cut in fine cubes
4-5 green chilies chopped finely
2 tsp fresh grated garlic
1 tsp slat
¾ tsp red chili
¼ tsp turmeric
1 tsp with black pepper/cloves mixed
½ cup oil
-heat oil in a broad wok/pan, throw the black pepper/cloves in and let splutter few seconds
-add in the meat, stir well and cover the lid
-let it cook till it is done, will take around 20-25 minutes
-no water needed, the meat leaves quite a lot itself
-once the meat is done, mix in the fresh grated garlic, mix well and add the spices
-twist and turn, spread the green chili/tomatoes cubes, cover the lid, let it cook
-once the tomatoes are soft, mash them slightly, and there you go, it’s done!
-No fresh coriander or any other thing on the top as this gives it another taste
-I just put the green chilies for my pictures : )
Make it and see it for yourselves, you’d love it I’m sure :)
Do let me know how you liked it
Good Luck!

Monday 7 September 2015

Baingan Ka Bhurta (Eggplant Cream/Paste)

Hello my lovely Readers and Viewers, hope you all have been well.I was away for some time,had been cooking of course but for guests :) How days run away one cannot even believe it's September and Autumn is knocking on our doors, i love Autumn and am looking forward to the orange and brown fall and candle light all over, i simply love Autumn :)
I had actually planned to make the Hyderabadi baghare Baingan   difficult to translate word to word in English, but a very unique dish with Egg plant in lots of roasted spices and tamarind sauce yummy :)
Well I go in the kitchen all set to start and what do I see, no peanuts, no tamarind, I had the sweet tamarind chutney but I needed the pulp and without my complete spices this dish was a No Go…
Well I had plan B , I made the equal yummy Eggplant Bhurta  : )
(Click on the Pictures for a larger Image)
To many it may be an Eggplant cream or paste but people who know the taste of it will know what a real treat and pleasure it is to eat the Bhurta and how the mouth waters while cooking it, at least I had it : ) We need no rocket science to make it but still many don’t know, so I thought to jot down the recipe for my readers who’d like to try this out : )
I remember my Mom dearest used to roast them on the gas stove and take of the skin and I used to think, why did she first burn it and then she took off the skin :/ Double Mopple work…
Now I know why :D anyway I have the hot plate stove, so well there is a solution to everything, so I burnt my eggplants in the oven:)
It is easy to make and very delish to enjoy it with Chapattis.
The fast and easy way is as follows step by step, I did not take pictures of each as it is cooked by itself I just moved my hands around lolz
Okay, so you take like 5-6 baby eggplants
Wash and dry and drizzle oil on them and rub all over
Place it in a baking tray and let them roast in the oven on 220°C around 20 minutes
This is how they will seem when first in the oven, and when taken out
You see the dents on them as they are cooked from inside and the Skin has left the grip
The skin will actually peel off by itself and you will get the cooked fruit of the eggplant
Take off the skin with a help of a fork, and scrape out the fruit and cut it in chunks
Now heat around ¼ cup of oil in a broad frying pan, sprinkle some cumin seeds and soon after the mustard seeds, let splutter for seconds and then add in;
1 large cubed onion to fry, and as the onions turn soft, add in
1 large cubed tomato,
 2-3 chopped green chilies,
 Spices as
 1 tsp salt,
1/2 tsp red chili
¼ tsp turmeric
 And lotsssssssa crushed fresh garlic!
This is the key to the Bhurta, the heavenly aroma you get is of the garlic mixed in spices
We need to taste the Eggplant and not only the hot spices, so have a control on the them :)
Stir all well, no water at all, just keep stirring to avoid it burn, once you see the oil showing up from sides, add the chopped eggplant and mix all with gentle hands.
Turn off the heat to a very low grade and let it simmer so all the spices and garlic spread well in the eggplant. It is actually ready in 15 minutes, just garnish with fresh coriander and enjoy with hot soft chapatti.
Bon Appetit  : )

Friday 24 July 2015

My Passion My Love :)

Some times small things make you so  happy, i am one of those people who really brighten up at the first look at my plants :) I am never bored taking pictures of them again and again, left and right lolz
I am so loving each petal and each leaf, i just adore them :-)
I like to save these pictures for always and ever and that's why i am always seen making Collage  of my plants :D
I had lately bought 2 more indoor plants, the Mini carnation flowers,Kalanchoe and the Flammingo so how could i not place them on my site :)

Some impressions from last Winter and Autumn :)

It's like seeing your kids grow each day which gives you sheer happiness, passionately in love!!

Monday 20 July 2015


Alhamdolillah for HIS Blessings.
 Sandali Polau with Lamb Qoorma
(Meat Rice and lamb Curry)

Fried Garlic Chicken Drums

Sheer Khorma- Aloo Channay Chaat and Kheer 
(Vermicelli-Potato with Chick-peas and Milk Rice)

The Eid Feast