Monday 16 May 2011

Heidesand Biscuits (German kekse)

A German speciality if translated then known as "The Sand Cookies" : ) The name "Sand" may seem funny but in fact its exactly the same feeling when we are eating them... crunch crunch crunch :) Just try and you'll know what i mean ; )

 My fav biscuits which i bake very often specially during the whole of the winter time :) They are so yummy and chubby that you just can't have your finger off from them :)

These are THE hit biscuits made in each year. My Family loves them for their chewy yummy Texture and taste. Quick to make and fast to eat :)

300gr flour (plain)
120gr sugar
200gr butter
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
pinch salt
sugar to dust

-mix all the ingredients in a bowl and first knead them with a hand mixer
- Then when it is coarse knead with hands into a soft dough, it may be that you feel the flour is too much and the dough is all „crumbly” so just pour in drops of milk and make it even.
-knead into soft dough and make small balls like say walnut size and press them slightly
- place on the baking tray, better with a baking paper or then grease the tray just very lightly
-Pre heat oven on 170°C and bake them till they are light creamy in color , took around 15-20 mints only.
-take them out let cool a bit and then sprinkle plain fine sugar on it , u can also put the sugar in a bowl and then dip each biscuit in it so it the sugar sticks on it from all corners but light not too heavy.
Preserve in a tin box, they stay very crunchy till all finished