Thursday 7 January 2016


First of all wishing you all a very BLESSED NEW YEAR; may it bring peace all around the world and may it bring joy and happiness to you and your families. Ameen
It's quite long since we met on this Plattform is'nt it :) I have just been away in this and that, had been cooking but some how i had lost that kick of taking pictures and uploading.
The most had Task for me was to sit still and write the recipies, so i just got lazy and just ignored my camera and concentrated on eating what i cooked  :D
I was away for a while on vacation enjoying the time of my life, meeting my loved ones and breathing the air of my Country, attending typical Eastern wedding, eating the yummiest food ever and shopping the prettiest dresses :D
Hope you all have been good at your ends. Do keep dropping by to check off and on and give me your feedbacks, i do miss that :I
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It were ages since i baked a Pizza, have cut down on al funky food but at times the craving is really strong and today was one of those days, so i thought well why not :)
It's extreme cold now a days and we all are freezing, so i find excuses to switch on the oven as it's so cozy in the kitchen then :)
The recipe of Pizza is surely not new to many but there are some who are still experiencing or are entering the cooking world, so hope this can be helpful
I had learned this recipe from a true Italian Pizza baker, and have been making this since many years now and it’s a perfect dough and turns out really good each time Allhamdolillah!
Now a day we get to watch and read really many many different ways but i actually like to stick to my very old recipe, this is when i started trying out my luck on fast food :)
I remember he gave me a tip which was really not at all known or common and i was so excited to have baked it that way with the bestest result,.and since then it is drilled in my brain.
Very easy, somple without any science formulas ;)
Here you go:
Italians Pizza Dough:

200 gr plain flour
10gr fresh yeast
½ tsp sugar
½ cup like warm milk
½ tsp salt
3 tbs olive oil

make a deep well in the flour and put in the crumbled fresh yeast, sugar, and milk and leave it for 15 minutes to let it puff up.
Now add the olive oil and mix it together with the puffed dough.


 Roll it thin out and lay it on a round baking tray, apply the pizza sauce and blobs of cheese and let it puff another 20 minutes.
Now you can prepare the topping with whatever you wish to salaami, tuna fish,veg, cheese,onion paprika maize,broccoli,Chili.….and of course not to forget lotssssssssaaaaa Cheeeeeezzzz!
Bake it at 200° (356°F) for 20 minutes.

 You can take the double ratio if you want to make it for a larger gathering,as this here is for a 28 cm round Pizza, i baked in a large tray so i took the double of all
My personal tip:
Pizza’s made from fresh yeast taste the best and original, as the ones with baking powder have a salty and pungent taste. I just make it when I have really no yeast at home or a quickie : )
My observation, may be you all have other experiences so do share.
Enjoy baking!