Saturday 25 August 2012

**Mincemeat Kachooriyaan**

Kachori is a very popular spicy snack belonging to India. Basically stuffed with Daal or Vegetable.
It's made of flour pastry fried into very crispy flaky balls. Of course with the time we have done many variations in the stuffing, it's the most eaten favorite snack in Lahore.
I have tried the recipe of Ruhina my dear Sis, who tried one of the Chef's recipes, and her result was so outstanding that i had to make them :)
I made a step by step collage for my friends who would like to try and find it difficult,it's a must try at least once :) They come out so very flaky and as my Sis described so nicely:
** Grab one.. make sure no one is around close. And then .. bite in.. delight in the flaky crispy kachori...and don’t worry about the flakes all over the place.. a kachori must be enjoyed :D **
I am writing the recipe in Ruhina's words as is, and in the end you can follow the step by step to make it more clear :)
Recipe Courtesy Ruhina Hashmi

I’d been wanting to make this since ages.. just never got round to it... because its a bit of a lengthy process and what with fasting and all.. but anyways.. today I thought .. its now or never So here goes:

This is another Chef Afzal Nizami recipe..

For the dough:
500 grms flour = maida
1 tsp salt
Room temp water

Knead a soft dough – it should be neither sticky nor hard. Soft and pliable. Cover and let rest for half an hour. Make small peras and cover. Let them rest.

Fry 3 medium chopped onions in a little oil.
Once golden, add
Salt to taste
1 level tsp red chilli powder
½ tsp haldi
1 tsp zeera powder
1 tsp dhania powder
3 grated cloves of garlic

Once the spices are mixed in, add ½ kilo mince meat. Sauté well and cover. Let it cook. Once done, let it cool down. Once completely cool, add a bunch of chopped mint.

Mix 3 tbls flour with 6 tblsp ghee. The resulting ‘batter’ called ‘sandh’ should flow but not be thin.
Set aside.

To assemble
Roll out a small pera. Spread a tbls sandh over it. Fold over one side to half the rolled out pera. Apply a little sandh again, and fold the other side over it. Then fold from the sides, once from the right and once from the left. Make a small square. Cover and rest for 10 mins.

To fill
Roll out the little square. Place 1 tbls filling in the center. Pick up the sides and hold together lengthwise. Pick up the ends and twist in the middle to ‘lock’ the kachori. Flatten it a bit, coat slightly in flour and rest covered.

To fry
Heat oil in a karahi. Check if oil is hot enough by holding a wooden skewer in the middle. If bubbles form around it, its hot.

Place the kachoris inside and let them cook.. The MOST important thing is, the heat must be LOW. When u put the kachoris in, the should just come to rest at the bottom. Once they cook from inside, they will float up. Then turn and fry golden... Drain in a sieve..
Step by Step
The End Product



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