Friday 20 September 2013

Chicken Nuggets & Onion Rings the Crispiest way...!

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The best part of  making such snacks at home is that you know what you put in them, it is without any taste enhancer,glutamate,spices whose names you have never heard and  above all they are handmade, I love it when they all are not in one shape and size, they are small, thin,thick,round and square.
I must say I so enjoyed making them and the first bite of it was like WOW what a crisp!.
Of course not to forget my special crumbs I use, have a great part in it, if you remember I told you I use my Rusk crumbs for my coating, as this is light and gives an incredible crisp to fries.
The batter i use here is known as the “Beer batter” but without Beer, made with Soda water: D
The Soda water gives it a light airy structure it is not heavy and this gives the meat a nice crispy layer.
We had a cooking competition show here in the Tv where the cook made this batter to fry the prawns. He used the real beer in it, but mentioned that the soda water has the same effect.
Since then I use this batter for many things, I made my onion rings in the rest of the batter after I had fried all nuggets. The nuggets stayed crispy quite long at least 3 hours after frying , the onion rings get softer after an hour, so don’t think that they  will stay crispy for a life time …lol….
I have taken pictures of all steps, though it’s easy but I thought to make it more easier for many of you to make these :D
200g Chicken breast fillet,washed and cut in pieces you like, square or round or triangle
1 Cup plain flour
1tsp corn flour

1 tsp black and white pepper
1/2 tsp Paprika powder
1/2 tsp salt or to taste
1/2 tsp garlic salt
(if not at hand, grate 1 fresh pod of garlic)
1 Cup of Soda water to mix into a creamy batter
This is how it bubbles and exactly this is what makes the batter light and gooey
The batter will give you this look, smooth and creamy
Dip the chicken cubes in this batter and cover them with the help of a spoon
I made the coating Crumbs before hand sp this si what you do:
6-8 Rusks
Grind them into a fine powder
and this is how it Looks:
so now toss and twist the chicken pieces in the crumbs so all sides are well covered
Now heat the oil well but not too hot as they will burn and turn dark Brown, just around the mark 3 and they turn lovely golden in Color
Fry around 2-3 minutes and they are ready, take them out on a kitchne paper so the extra oil is absorbed and there you have your Ultra yummy Nuggets ready :)
I made the sweet sour sauce with it and i must say it is far far much better than the one you get  at any Mcdonald’s or Burger King. It is just a matter of experimenting around.
I was reading the ingriedeints behind the bottle of this sauce and thought , well if I exclude all the “not important” ingredients I can try it at home, it is simple no special chemistry in it :)

So this is what I did and it is Super!!! Do try, I made it in a very less quantity to test and now I can make it more when needed.

I set the onion rings on a stick like bangles but had no stand to hang them :) so i let the stick stay in the middle so they stay crispy, incase you wonder what's the stick doing in the rings

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