Sunday 8 September 2013

Butter Cake with fresh yeast

This is THE Butter Cake!
I made the fast version of this cake last time and told you that there is the original way of making it with the fresh yeast cake, it takes a bit more time but the end result is really worth it!!
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 I have captured the steps to make it easy for you all. Actually this is the original way to make it, it’s the most Famous and favorite cake here in Germany : )

For the dough:
 (This dough feels like a pizza dough)
500 gram flour
250 gram milk
1 cube of fresh yeast (42grm)
 60grm sugar
1 egg
60grm butter
Dash of salt


For the topping:
 120 gram soft butter (not melted!!)
50 gram sugar
 50 gram castor sugar
250 gram Almond flakes
Last: 200ml liquid cream
-heat milk till luke warm
 -crumble the yeast in it and mix
 -fold in the flour, butter, sugar and egg and knead
 -keep it to rest covered with a cling till it doubles in volume
 -now knead well again and then roll it out or spread with palms
 -spread out on the baking tray directly
 -let it rest at least another 30-40 minutes
 I have numbered the Pictures,hope you'll follow according to the recipe below.
 -now press with your thumb small hollows in the spread dough
 -drop the soft butter in cubes in each well
 -sprinkle with almonds flakes
-sprinkle half the sugar on the almonds
 -bake in a preheated oven on190 C for 20-25 minutes
 -you will see the butter melting and absorbing in the dough
-when the cake’s top is nice gold and a bit brownish it is ready
-take it out, wait 2-3 minutes till the steam is finished
-now pour the liquid cream (double cream) slowly all over
 -this will give you a super duper moist cake
-now sprinkle the rest sugar all over
-let it sit 5 minutes and then cut pieces according to your wish
Keep in mind because it has fresh yeast in it, it will eventually dry up with the time, so best is to gobble up all in a day or two ;D
Though this cake has a unique taste and is really a very delicious one, but i somehow end up in baking the fast Version :)
Do give it a try i am sure you'll love it.
Happy baking!


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  1. where i can find fresh yeast here in Kuwait