Sunday 22 September 2013

Whole-Spelt flour Breakfast Buns

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Sundays are special days as all at home are allowed to be lazy and start slowly in the day. Though all are up still we keep chilling on one or the other couch waiting for someone to start with the Brunch : )
I keep changing things, at times it is just simple bread, at times the Paratha less Roti and at times I bake myself.
We all are fixed on whole meal breads so I bought the Whole-Spelt Flour (Dinkelvollkornmehl )  this time added pumpkin and sunflower seeds in it.
A very healthy and full with nutrition bread indeed. I already had a bread loaf so planned to make buns out of this. Made the tasty scrambled eggs instead of the omelet this time and fried the chicken salami.
Frying the Salami was new to me, as I was visiting my Brother for some years back and we all sat for Breakfast, he said just a minute this has to be fresh, and I saw him placing slices of Salami in the frying pan, the aroma was so heavenly like something being roasted. It was the Turkish Suzuk Salami. He fried a whole pack and we ate the whole of it….lol
It tasted so different and so extreme delicious and since after that I also fry the salami, though the fat which remains in the pan afterwards is …Hmm lets not think about that :) All is allowed once in 2 weeks…
 So if you plan a brunch next time do try this bread with the salami, you’ll surely love it.
Try to buy the organic flour as it is pure and has no iodine salt in it! I use the rock salt without any chemicals in it, we don’t need the extra intake of this refined salt where there are only 2 elements of  the mineral nutrients left in it, out of  the 82 after going thru the process of “being pure and refined”
This is what you need:
500g Whole-Spelt flour
340 ml luke warm water
1 ¼ tsp salt
1 tbs honey
3 tsp dry yeast that’s 7grams,and if fresh then 20 grams of fresh yeast
2-3 tbl oil
50 gram dry and half crushed seeds of sun flower and pumpkin
Make a yeast sponge for light airy dough later
Pour the water in a big bowl, add the yeast, honey and oil and let it froth.
After around 15 minutes, add the flour and salt and mix the dough with gentle hands
If you feel the dough is dry you can add more drops of water to make sticky yet even dough
Sprinkle some water on the top and cover it with a nylon bag and cloth and keep it at a warm place
The dough will rise in around 30 minutes
Now dust your hands with flour and gather the whole dough in a ball shape, knead it twice thrice.
Put I back in the bowl, sprinkle some water once again and cover and keep again to rise another 20 minutes
Now you can start to prepare to bake it, if you want to make a loaf, then put it in a rectangular form and smoothen with wet hands
If you like buns, make 8-9 buns and place in the baking tray and sprinkle water slightly on them
Bake in a preheat oven on 170°C for around 20 mi minutes
As you take them out of the oven sprinkle some water again and cover them with a thick cloth
You may ask why so much water sprinkling  : ) This keeps the bread soft and although the top is hard and crispy whne you cut open the bread is soft and spongy.
I use a water spray bottle, its very handy and sprays the exact amount you need.
This is how it looks when it comes out : )
I hope you can feel the soft structure of it, the crushed nuts in it are so yummy . )
The scrambled eggs are ahhh so soft and delish, many find it difficult to make it but this is the easiest egg you can make, just make it with love and patience.
You need:
50 ml milk
3 eggs
Black pepper from the mill
Salt to taste
Mix the salt and pepper in the milk and then whisk in the eggs
Heat the butter or oil in the pan and pour all the mixture
Now let it cook slightly first then take a spatula and gather all the mixture from sides in the middle,
Do at at each corner after every few seconds, till you see the egg in big chunks
Don’t over cook as it should be soft and juicy!
There you have your Scrambled egg ready .
Have it with a nice hot cup of tea  and enjoy your Sunday brunch : )

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