Friday 27 April 2012

""Black-Eyed Beans""


I usually make this dish with the dry beans, which i soak over-night, and then let them cook on a low heat in a normal pot NO cooker!
This time I was lazy, Hubby has his holidays so we just chill and eat whatever is there  : ) Anyway I had the canned beans at home and we were hungry so I made this in like 20 minutes, so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasy : )
I am sure you all know how to make this but still may be some don’t  so this is for them : ) But either way I make it the same way : )


2 cans of boiled black-eyed beans (a’350 gram)
2 onions (fine sliced)
1tsp of mixed whole spices (black pepper, cloves, big cardamom)
2 tomatoes (small cubes)
1tbs GG paste (ginger/garlic)
2tsp plain yoghurt
¾ tsp salt
¾ red chili powder
½ tsp cumin powder
Pinch of turmeric (haldi)
¼ cup oil
Fresh chopped coriander and green chilies
Garam masala to sprinkle on the top as ready

*heat oil in the pot and add the whole spices and fry till it gives a nice aroma
*add the onions and fry them till light brownish
*mix all dry spices, gg paste and diced tomatoes in the yoghurt and pour all into the pot
*stir and twist and turn so the spices form a thick gravy
*drain both bean cans and wash it 1-2 times as they are salted
 (As we add our own spices so we wash away the salt water completely)
*now add the beans to the gravy and DON’T mix too strongly as all will get    mushy coz these beans are already full boiled and are soft.
*just move the spoon gently all around, you will see the oil showing up and the bean absorbing the gravy too, so it’s done
*sprinkle fresh chopped coriander and chopped chilies
*sprinkle the garam masala before you dish out
* I don’t add coriander powder as this makes the gravy darker and a bit brownish :/



  1. making it this weekend..looks so delicious..;)
    new to your space Rania
    lovely space you have
    happy following you..:)
    do stop by mine sometime
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Okay now i am really embarassed to reply sooooo late, but i missed your message some how :/
    Thank you for liking and visitng me dear,Jay, i hope your beans turned out delicious too. I surfed your blog, it's simply lovely and beautiful! Keep up the yummy Job :) All the best in future!!!