Sunday 15 April 2012

Stir Fried Summer Salad

I love making this salad quite often, it’s so different and nearly a good portion of a healthy meal : )

The ingredients added are not new but the method is different, and I add no salad dressing to it, actually I never use these readymade dressings since long , all what I sprinkle on my salads is lemon juice, a pinch of salt n pepper from mill, my home dried crushed peppermint leaves, and lastly some fine mustard oil to bring out the vitamins in it : )

For this salad its different, I fried all one by one so no need of any extra oil or seasoning afterwards.. What you need for this is as follows:

4 medium small potatoes
(Cut in even rounds)
4-5 red small radish
(cut in rounds)
2 pointed paprika
(cut in rounds )
5-6 pieces of any Salami of your choice or taste
¼ cup oil for frying

2 carrots (in thin fine stripes)
5-6 leaves of iceberg salad /finely chopped)
3-4 leaves of violet cabbage (fine sliced)
3-4 leaves of white cabbage (fine sliced)
*Prepare a bowl of all these together

-Heat the oil in a non stick broad frying pan
-Place all potato slices in it on a low flame
-The Potato slices have to cook slowly so that they don’t stay raw
-As they are done from one side turn over to the second
-Take out in a bowl as they are ready
-Now fry the red radish the same way but on a higher flame as they get cooked very soon.
-Now fry the paprika, just till they are a bit crunchy, don’t cook more they will lose the lovely red color (check my pic)
-In the end drain out all the oil and now fry the salami without any oil till both sides are good golden.You will get such a heavenly aroma while frying them ummmmmm : )
-Now cut the fried salami in stripes

*lastly assemble all with the prepared iceberg/cabbage/carrots in the bowl
*season with some dry herbs, I used dry olives and chives

Violaaaaa the yummiest salad is ready in no time : )
Serve it with Brown bread/baguettes/or as I said dish to any main rice dish… I served it with my Pointed stuffed paprika/Rice : )

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