Sunday 8 April 2012

Mom's Tips were the best......Part 3

How come Mom’s tips always worked, because they trusted the natural and simple ways to overcome any problem : )

Did you know how we can solve simple household mishaps very easily……….

-Stainless steel pot looks awful after constant use.... Well If you boil spinach in the this pot it gives it a sparkling look… coz spinach contains Oxalic acid which gives it the bright look..

Enamel pots are far more healthier to use, but they get stains very soon so to clean them just rub them carefully with salt all around using a soft cloth and wash out with normal soap, gives them a clean touch

It is so necessary to keep washing out water kettles and water cookers daily, as no one notices the amount of lime scale we intake thru them..Instead of using chemical powders to wash them, the simplest tip which I do every second day, pour a scoop of house hold vinegar, fill with water, let it boil twice and then wash out. Your kettle's look is sparkling clean and you will save your tummy with that extra chalk..

The drain pipe is driving you crazy… no problem: have a rest of cola at home, just drizzle all in the drainage and in no time you have a good flow…

A very handy tip is to pour the water of the boiled potatoes in the drainage, the potato starch helps keeping the pipes clean.

We all know how annoying it can be if are in a “chewing-gum trap” if on any shirt, just stuff it in the freezer, it will get hard and leave automatically

if on the carpet, cover it with some ice cubes, it will leave the fibers after becoming stiff, if in the hair, massage them with a good face cream, let work for a while and then carefully rub the hair with a dry towel in a combing manner..Never use a comb as that will break and damage the hair..

To be continued…………..

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