Friday 20 April 2012

**Cheesy Cream Cake**


Ok first of all i must mention this here, i am still learning how to get along with my loving Blog,so while clicking here and there i discovered that as soon as you klick on the pic, you can see the enlarged image WOW that's so kooooool :D

I was trying to upload larger images but some how it showed this size so i was like ....ok... at least i can upload my pics na :) But its more fun to see the original size now, wooo I am happy  :)

Okay now a new change: The blog as unabled us to enlarge the pic as soon as we upload so thats really cool, i cna move around and chose the size i want :)

So now to my  Delicious Cake :

I always plan not to make any cream cakes and end up in baking them again : ) not that I don’t like them, its only that my weighing machine is not so happy at it  lol….
My friend was coming over so I thought something different as a dessert not the typical Desi meetha, so this was the quickest and easiest I could make. It was really very nicely made and came out so smooth, but then we sat and enjoyed our coffee and the poor creamy cake sat with us amongst my candles… so you see the melted cream :-/

But well we had to gobble up all either way so we chilled and kept enjoying it in small portions and pieces :)

I make it with the crushed Digestive too but I like the short crust pastry better, we just need the baking time and it’s actually very quick…

Here’s what you do first, make the cake base :
75 gr Soft Butter
125gr AP Flour (plain all purpose)
75gr Castor Sugar
Dash of Salt
¼ tsp Baking powder


-Mix all the above ingredients into soft dough
-Spread it evenly in a round cake form ( I took 26cm)
-Bake in 180°C preheated for 12-15 minutes till nice light golden
-let it cool on a wire frame
-(took an hour nearly as it has to be complete cool for the cream

Cream Cheese for the Filling:

200gr cream spread (Philadelphia)
250 gr Cheese curd (Quark)
100 gr Cheese cream spread ( I took Kiri Kiri)
100 gr castor sugar
2-4 tbs milk
1 sachet Vanilla (sugar optional)
2 sachets of stabilizer for whipping cream

 -Beat all these creams together in a firm structure
-The stabilizer helps the cream to stay stiff
-Pour this mixture on the top of the base
-You can top with any fruit of your choice, I loved strawberries as we have now started the season and they are so juicy and sweet  : )
-Cover tight with a cling and let it chill at least 3-4 hours in fridge -I left it over night and it was quite firm and ultra yummmmmy : )

*I cud have added gelatin powder or agar agar in the cream to make it more stiff, but using the stabilizer is actually enough..
 *My  cake base was a bit hard, coz I left it in the fridge over night and obviously the butter was cold and firm then na : ) so if you keep it over night and its hard no worries it softens in 10-15 minutes if you take it out before serving…

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