Thursday 26 April 2012

Brownie Muffins and Balls

Well the initially plan was of making only brownies but i ended up in making the balls as a result of a blunder lol.. But they tasted really good :)

I actually just wanted to try my new cup-cake tray which i got on my birthday from my dear friend Suzie..It is a lovely flower designed one and I was so excited to see the sweet small flowers, had thought of icing them too and then showing you all : )

So I used my other brownie recipe which is far more sticky than the brownie cake as it has honey in it and I use less sugar here so the main sweetness is of the honey and nutella..
So here let’s make the Muffins first then the Balls: )

100gram butter
75 gram castor sugar
100gram dark chocolate bar (70% best)
50gram honey
2tbs Nutella
1tsp Vanilla essence
2tbs heaped dark choco powder
100gram plain flour
1tsp baking powder
Nuts for deco of ur choice I took Almonds

*melt the choco bar, mix it with butter and sugar in a bowl and beat it till smooth
*sieve the baking powder, flour and the choco powder together and add into the bowl, beat into a creamy batter
*now add the honey and nutella and just mix with spoon don’t beat as the stickiness will become liquid and we need that chewy effect : )
*sprinkle the vanilla essence and pour in the cups placed in a muffin tray
*this gives them a good even shape all around,press the almonds on the top
*bake it in a preheated oven on 180°c for 25-30 minutes
* the good part is that you can immediately take them out from the tray : )

So now to my Brownies Balls:

I filled the cuppies tray with this same batter made another batch for it and filled with love, baked it as directed above, they seemed lovely fluffy and dark brown… So now I had to take them out and usually they leave the tin/form automatically so I thought its easy peasy.. BUT tough luck, they all stuck hard to the form, I had to scrape out all with my silicon spatula, ahh my flowery cup-cakes heaped up in crumble : (

Well I switched on my master mind, crumbled all the 24 and mixed in more honey and nutella in it sprinkled some milk to make it smooth, greased my palms and made these balls Viola!!! I kept them in the fridge for some time and rolled them in castor sugar and coconut .These were not like the soft cake pops we see and eat, they were more like chocolate, firm coz of honey but really yummy and a calorie bomb lolzzzz

My family liked the Balls more than my Muffins : )

The reason why I had this blunder was my own fault; I thought the tray is new so I just greased it very slightly THAT was wrong!! It was a non stick tray and when they say DO NOT grease we SHOULD not grease it, as after the batter has been baked, we must take it out immediately from the form by turning the tray upside down and we don’t grease it at all, because after being a bit cold the sugar gets hard and sticks to the greased surface which hardens it even more!

So I’ve learned my lesson and this is how we get more wiser….. learn by doing :I)

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