Friday 24 January 2014


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I was smiling while writing the name, as I thought you’ll surely think...ah nothing new it’s that Chinese dish we all make.. Am I right :)
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I was smiling while writing the name, as I thought you’ll surely think...ah nothing new it’s that Chinese dish we all make.. Am I right :)
 As I was window shopping yesterday, I crossed this Chinese stall in the centre and there I had that urge of having it right away  : )
So well I bought the mushrooms and paprika way back home,I had frozen carrots and peas so I used those and the rest I had bought fresh, rest was there so today I enjoyed my desired dish with pleasure.

I make the same dish with Turkey meat, this meat cooks fast if you cut really fine stripes, Chicken cooks faster no doubt and I personally like Chicken in my Noodles and Pasta dishes : )
So here we go, you need:
 250 gr of Chinese egg noodles 
(boil according to instruction, not more than 3-4 minutes!)
200 gr of chicken or Turkey fillet cut in stripes
2-3 pod garlic, chopped very finely
1 red bell (stripes)
1 green bell pepper (stripes)
75 gr brown mushrooms (sliced)
50 gr oyster mushroom (sliced)
4 spring onions cut in fine stripe
50 gr carrots (I used frozen sticks)
100 gr Soybean sprouts (fresh)
30 gr green peas ( I used frozen ones)

3-4 tablespoons of oil
 1 tablespoon of oil (sesame-seed oil)
¼ tsp salt (Soya sauce is salty enough)
1 tsp corn flour
¼ tsp red paprika powder/red chili
3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce 
1 tablespoon of oil (sesame-seed oil)
1 tbs honey
2-3 tsp chili garlic sauce (optional)
Preparation Time: approx. 20 min

-boil the noodles in boiling water according to instruction, normal we don’t boil them longer than 3-4 minutes, as they get soft and loose the firm taste and form
-heat 3-4 tbs oil in a broad pan/Wok/pot
-add the chopped garlic and fry till pinkish and aromatic
-add the onion and fry just for a while till glazy
-now add the meat and fry constantly on high flame, so the meat turns nice golden, yet stays firm
Don’t fry too much as it will lose its juices and turn rubbery
-if you are using all fresh vegetables then it is recommended to fry all one by one, first of all the carrots till half cooked, then both Mushrooms, then bell pepper and the soybean sprouts in the end
-just fry all half as that tastes the best, soggy Vegetable tastes like a normal curry :)
-now sprinkle all spices and mix all gently and well
.in the mean time the noodles have rested so now add them into the fried Vegetable and toss and twist
-now mix the soya sauce, honey , salt, paprika , chili garlic sauce and the corn flour together and drop all over
-mix all with gentle hands and don’t dry up totally as the noodles will absorb the rest juices automatically
-drizzle the sesame-seed oil on the top in the end, it brings out the taste.
A quick and really delicious lunch or dinner is ready :)




Thursday 16 January 2014


Greenery for my Life

My best Friends and my Family Members "My Plants"
My fresh breath :)

The Fragrance of my Home
The Lively Sunny Side

Wednesday 1 January 2014


Wishing all my Family, Friends and my Readers who keep tuned and encourage me
May luck, love happiness ,health and joy be yours each day, of this year! Amin
Love you all