Monday 12 September 2022

**Banoffee** A Delightful Dessert

A heartily hello to all my loving members and followers 😊

Gosh it’s like ages that i‘ve uploaded my recipes here, a mix of everything  busyness, short of time at hand and somewhere laziness :D But you all were never forgotten! 

I was trying out new jobs now and then, routine cooking was on but writing down the recipes had to take a back seat   :/

I had gathered all the pictures i used to take but never got to sort them out and so, many of them were on a hold. 

Today i’m sharing  the recipe of this droolicious dessert *Banoffee* which is loved by my family and friends and i make it on just extra occasions knowing the sweet after effects of it 😊 

I actually never measure what i use, a time comes where you really do all automatically and then just hope that it turns out best :) but this time i tried to at least have a few measurements so it’s easy for you to follow.


Banoffee is a famous British Dessert, a mix of Toffee and Banana, Biscuits and Cream and it’s very simple and easy to make, in fact the best if you await guests and you have all the ingredients at home, you can make it ahead, but it needs few hours to settle, say like 4-5 hours, It can be kept overnight but it’s important that you take it out from the refrigerator at least 15-minutes before you have to serve it, why? because the toffee  softens a bit and you get the real *melt in mouth* effect.

I’ve not used  extra sugar in it as the condence milk is sweet enough, the biscuits are also sweet, not to forget the bananas too πŸ˜Š

I just used a little amount of Vanila sugar for the double cream coating.

Before i start with the ingredients i’d like to mention that many use caramelized condence milk which saves a lot of time, but i must say the toffee we make by letting the  condence milk tin boil around 2-2 ½ hours in the pot, is THE Toffee ever! ( i tred the ready made one too but that was the first and last ime! It’s not even close to what the toffee is made after being cooked in water.

So before you get started on this recipe, place the tin in a deep pot where you can cover it with water, the tin HAS to be uder the water to get an even result, it has to keep simmering in the hot water at least 2  hours, and then it forms this lovely brown caramel which is divine!!!


IMPORTANT: Please do not open the tin immediately as the toffee will be on a boiling point and can shoot out,so please let it stay 5-8 minutes and then open the tin carefully

So now we can start to prepare the rest:

The ingredients you need are:

For a 28inch baking form:

16-20 Digestive biscuits (plain)

100 gram of soft butter

1 tin of condenced milk (for the toffee)

2 large or 3 medium sized bananas

2 tblsp lemon juice

1 pack of double cream ( i had a 250ml pack)

2 sachets of vanila sugar ( make hardly 1level tblsp)

2tblsp of a mix form ½ and ½ coffee powder and cacoa powder

Shaving of any good chocolate bar( i used the mix of dark and normal choc bar)


-put the biscuits in a large freezer bag. Either with a zip or just simply put a clip to close

                                         -crush them with a rolling pin

I don’t like when they are crushed into to fine powder, i like the chunks in them, upto you how you want your base.

-now mix the crsuhed biscuits with the butter till you get a nice smooth mixture.

-i used a baking pan so i can open it easily,  of course you can use a dish for pie too.

-spread the mixture evenly in the pan, and press all sides with a help of a flat spoon or a spatulla so that the base is even all around

-put it in the fridge to settle at least ½ an hour.

-In the mean time the toffee is ready

-Peel and cut the bananas in fine round slices and toss them in the lemon  juice so they will not turn brown and will stay fresh yellowish

-beat the double cream adding the vanila sugar in it and beat till peaks form, keep aside

Now take out the base you made from the fridge and spread the  warm toffee mixture evenly over it, use a small spoon to spread it on the whole base

( beofre you spread the toffee, do whisk it gently with a fork so the toffee is smooth and even and spreads easily)!!

-now lay the sliced bananas on the top

-spread the ready whisked cream so that the top is all covered from each end

-sprinkle the coffee/choc mixture with the help of a tea sieve according to your choice and then some shavings directly on the top as much as you like 😊

-Let the Banoffee chill in the fridge 4-5 hours and then ejoy it with a cuppa tea 😊

* Do not count the calories

*Forget you have a weighing machine

*Enjoy these moments and just be happy 😊