Monday 23 February 2015

The Sweet Sugary Addiction :) (Mini Mini Shakkar Paaray)

Some times boredom can be dangerous :I I am the best example for it today :)
The weather was grey gloomy and rainy the whole day, my plans of going out fell in water. Well then what, i started Surfing on my site and found these yummy Shakkar Paraay so droolicious that i just could'nt resist.
I recalled how my Mama Darling used to make them, she used to make the dough ,then make tiny small stripes and then roll it round her finger and slip it out and then fry.
I remember we used to sit and help her and try out on each finger,starting from the smallest size till the thumb lolz
We had a very dear Aunty who always had the Eid Milaad gathering at her place and then we used to sit together and make them in tons, on one Hand a pot full of sugar syrup being boiled and on the other hand we girls sitting and rolling out these one after the other.
I have used a different way this time using baking Soda in it.
I avoid using white refined sugar but some things simply are unavoidable :(
So i thought when you are doing something , then do it BUT at least try to minimize the negative effect lolz
So i used baking Soda, which lessons the aciditiy of the white sugar and Ooooo La La , these are so so yumm i cannot describe it, i have already gobbled haof of them, God help me not to put on weight :)
They are so very crispy (khasta) they just melt in mouth and what a taste i tell you....
I was ccraving for some so i made a small portion and that is really enough or else the hand won't stop grabbing them....
I took:
100gr plain flour (nearly i heaped Cup)
2 tbs full of soft butter/Ghee ( i used ghee)
1/4 tsp of baking Soda
-mix al with fingers and knead, you need really very little water as the ghee already does the most part, just make a soft silky smooth dough
I made the sugar syrup and kept it aside so it can cool down
100 gr sugar
50 ml water
-let it cook on high flame, it will start to get thick and turn a bit White,
-take it aways from the stove and keep aside.
-don't make it too thick as it will turn hard!
-Now i took really small portions of the dough, roll between the palms like thin stripes,then flatten a bit and then roll it around your index finger, slip it out and plac ein a plate
.I made around 30 with this recipe
-heat oil in a broad pan and fry till Gold brown
-put all in any metal bowl as you have to pour the warm syrup over them
-as you pour the syrup start mix all very gently with a spatulla so all does not stick into a ball
-Keep twisting and turning slightly and you will see the sugar drying up so fast
Viola! it's ready
Munch them with tea Divine, Yummy, Irresistible!!!