Tuesday 28 February 2012

Ras-Malaai Spongy Soft

Ras Malaii is a very delicate and sensitive dish, it turns out best if handled with love and extra care;  and shows really bad moods if we just try to ignore it :) I remember i used to make these with closed eyes and had the best results, till one day they started getting moody... no matter what i did they just din't turn out good.. so i striked!!! A whole year... i thought okayyyyyyyy fine now i'll just leave it...

So after a years pause i set my hands on it again and Alhamdolillah i had them the way i wanted them :) May be they were tired of being served over all :)

So heres how i made them:

2 cups Nido milk powder
2 tbs oil
1 ½ egg (don’t beat, put as is and use only the yolk of the second egg)
1 ½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp plain flour
1-2 tbs milk if needed

1 L milk
200ml whip cream pack (it's in liquid form)
200ml carnation tin (liquid)
1tsp cardamom powder
8-10 tbs sugar or more or less to taste!!!
Nuts of ur choice
(I just used crushed Almonds)

*pour all three milks plus sugar in a heavy pot and give one boil, then turn down flame and just let cook
*I cooked nearly 1 1/2 hours till it became thicker, not very but you can feel it changes a bit creamy in color too
*First of all mix the oil well in the powder, sieve baking powder and flour together and mix in
*Break the eggs in a separate bowl and add to the powder
*break the yolks with hands and mix in the dough well
*if u feel its dry just drop in few drops of milk to make the dough soft and silky
*shouldn’t be too soft neither hard just soft!
*make tiny balls similar to hazel nuts, as they increase when put in milk.
*carefully add them to the simmering milk and let cook
*Don’t use spoon to turn them, just let them turn and twist themselves
*cover the lid leaving just a slit open so the milk does not over boil
*took nearly 20 minutes till the Ras-malaai reached its actual size(nearly like walnuts)
*keep them covered for a while and then turn into any glass bowl and let cool
*Tastes best when chilled so keep it over night before you serve
Enjoy the Rasilli Malaaii : )

Some tips to take care of:
*dont rub the dough too hard
*dont move them once added to the pot coz moving up and down can make them either hard or break them
*dont use too much baking powder, the balls will open up and break
*make balls with a light hand , dont press the dough too much between the palms
*never use any extra egg if the dough is dry always use drops of milk to make it smooth, as many use another egg and that makes the dough so sticky that u cant form balls

PS: On my dear friend's pointing out i will clear that flour HAS to be this less coz its meant to give the balls a bit of firmness1 PLZ don't add any more as it can stiffen the balls and make them hard, this much is exactly okay to make them a bit firm yet soft!!!!


  1. salam can you please tell which size of cup.small tea cup or big mug

  2. carnation tin???????

  3. Wa'alaikum Assalaam Dear Anonymus; i use the standard measuring cup, it's 8 ounce and around 230 grams. Th carnation milk is the normal evaporated milk we use for tea, but if not available you can surely use any normal milk dear :)