Saturday 11 February 2012

Clementine/Cherry Muffin

These muffins are very soft and very delicious!!!! You can actually feel and smell the juicy taste once they are out of the oven Ummmm i can still feel them :)
It is os easy to make and in no time they are ready to serve and eat ......
 so lets prepare them:

· 1 egg
· 180gr butter (soft)
. 180gr flour
· 180gr sugar
· 135gr yoghurt
· 1tsp vanilla sugar
· 1tsp baking powder
· 2 Clementine
. 50gr glazed cherries

-beat butter and sugar fluffy
-add in egg and yoghurt and beat slightly
-fold in the flour just mix with a spoon first
-mix in the baking powder and beat on speed 2 till all mixed well
-divide the batter in two bowls
-add small cubed Clementine in one and the halved cherries in the other

-place the paper cups in the muffin tray and fill each to ¾
-tuck some cherries and Clementine on every other on the top
-bake in a preheated oven on 190°C for 25 mints
-take out and let cool down, you can sprinkle some castor sugar mixed with vanilla sugar
Gives a nice aroma….

Have fun baking them :)

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