Monday 27 February 2012

Spicy and Teekha Bhunna Gosht (Spicy Stir-Fry Meat)

The most delicious way to make this incredible dish!Another recipe of my ever dearest Mom...
The divine fragrance of those tiny round red whole chilies is irrisistible :)
Best is to serve with chappatis but no hamr if you plan to make parathas too, its either way yummmy :) Here's what you need for it:

500 gram mutton
200 gram yoghurt
3 large onions (sliced fine and thin)
1tbs fresh grated GG paste (ginger/garlic)
¾ tsp black pepper from the mill
½ tsp red crushed chili
1 tsp salt
½ tsp paprika powder (sweet one)
7-8 whole red chilies
Whole spices: 4 cloves.5-6 black pepper corn-2 black big cardamom
½ cup of oil (makes nearly 125 ml)
½ cup water

-heat half the oil in a pot
-wash and put in the meat and water and cover to cook
-when the water has nearly evaporated add in the GG paste and the whole garam masala and stir

(plz note here that many use the readymade GG paste it does not have the exact aroma coz it has preservation stuffs in it too, so best is the fresh grated garlic that’s out of this world in aroma!!!)

-now take a another pot, heat the rest oil and fry the onions till light gold brown
-turn the meat in it and stir, add in half the whole red chilies, keep stirring
-now add all the rest spices in the yoghurt and pour all on the meat, mix well and leave it to cook
-as the meat was already half done so keep any eye as when the yoghurt dries up it should not burn
-add in the rest red whole chilies and stir well, you will smell the aroma of the chilies as the oil starts showing up, and the gravy forms a thick texture, its ready!!

  No tomatoes or any greenery in it, eat as is with chapatti its ultra  delicious!!

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