Wednesday 29 February 2012

„Grann-Ma’s & Mommy’s Handy Household Tips “ part 1

We all are living in a time where many prefer to use hard chemicals for a fast result but what did our forefathers do?? They didn’t have those Anti so and so liquids and tablets and sharpeners and the perfumed sprays but they ran a perfect house hold too…

I myself have always enjoyed listening and getting Granny’s and Mummy’s tips for this and that since I was a teenager. These useful tips nearly always helped; apart from this I could always rely on them knowing that it was a No Fail Tip.

I would love to share them here for all who come across my blog and may find it practical: )

I have gathered many more of them over the time, listening to my German aged Neighbor Mrs. Skuballa too , she’s a Gem indeed and I enjoy each time talking to her and getting more and more useful tips from her, so Thank you my dear Mrs. Skuballa!!!!!

I have translated a lot of them from German to English so they might seem a bit tricky or puzzling : ) so do ask me if any confusion…..

Did you know?

1.   If your scissors are blunt, just cut sandpaper with it twice thrice and there you have your brand-new blade back.

2.   Your gold chains which turn gray can shine again if you rub a half cut onion on it and later wipe it with a clean cotton cloth…

3.   The vase which get black strains on the bottom or the lovely delicate juice bottle or jugs which are difficult to wash due to thin long necks…no problem… next time when u boil eggs, keep the peeled shell pieces and throw them in the vase.. Pour some washing soap and shake strongly, the egg shells with clean those stains…

4.   This happens too often and annoys us a lot… glasses piled in one another and then ooops all stuck… well never wrestle with it as if they break you can hurt yourself… Fill the bottom glass with warm water and the upper with cold and see wonders….

5.   The big round salad tomatoes have lost their freshness and are too soft to cut???… no problem, just soak them in a chilled water bowl for 10 minuites, and there you have a fresh one to cut in slices…

6.   You tasty pudding or custard never gets that thick skin on it after cooling if you sprinkle some sugar on the top as soon as you dish out in a glass bowl…

7.   How to avoid milk from burning??? Wash the pot with cold water before setting it on the stove

8.   The fridge has an unpleasant smell… hmmm pour some coffee powder in a plate and place it in the upper rack, it will absorb all sorts of smells..

9.   The store room has lots of things and has different smells, take fresh Mandarin/clementine and prick cloves all around it will be like 10-15, and place it in the store room in the middle shelf. Your store room will never stink!

10. The sliding drawers irritate while closing and opening as they stick at each end…grrrrr calm down… take a piece of wax or a thick candle, rub the slides on the both sides..and there you go.. your draws will slide like silk.. : )

So I will update more again after I have translated them too : )


  1. Awwwwww. How lovely! I absolutely adore house-hold tips. And these are so easy too. Thanks dear.
    What are mandarin prick cloves?

  2. Thanks dear Anjabeen, it's so nice to read your feed back :) I have done correction once again,i forgot the comma inbetween :) We just take one Mandarin or clementine and prick cloves in it round around, not too many but like 10-15 and place that in the store room, the prick helps to release the aroma of the mandarine which gives the store-room a natural and pleasant "fresh fragrance"