Thursday 1 March 2012

„Health is Wealth“

Since a while i have been into a lot of other type of researching, a very very dear friend of mines brought me to these thoughts some years back. I will do the same here as she did with me…. She just gave me “food for thought” and then asked me to gather my own information and believe on them ONLY if I felt they had sense…
So my journey started in googling all out, reading books, reading all reports and then experimenting them on myself!

The first thing I came to know was the “Colloidal silver „I remember as I first got to take this in place of Anti biotic I thought ok what wonders will this water do but my friend was determined to give me and stopped me from taking the strong meds..
OF course it’s all only if Allah Wills but HE has also given us humans this sense too to differentiate in good and bad …

This silver water (known more with this short name) is merely a natural Anti biotic, which does not destroy the healthy human cells which does not have any chemicals, which works exactly there were needed and which really helps you get rid of your illness in a short time.

I have and still am curing myself when needed with it Alhamdolillah with really good results, and I recommended this to a dear friend and she also had success in using it for her children..
Just a small description where it works and these all are self experimented:

It helps in flu, in any throat infection, in eye infection (as drops)
Skin rashes, pimples, fever, cold.

I am no doctor so I cannot recommend any one or convince anyone but I can surely give you some new “food of thought” : )

Here’s a link to follow… surely its always pro and contra… but as I said one has to experience it!!
This is how it looks:
A simple battery, with two silver rods….

Some info Q&A

Watch out for my second discovery: )


  1. I think this is awesome Rania. Thankyou so much for providing us such useful info. Will be looking forward to more from you. Though I think it will be difficult to make it ourselves na? But still, if we can get rid of antibiotics somehow it will be such a great thing for us. even now I have infection and am taking meds that keep me dizzy all day :(
    Thanks once again. Keep writing.

  2. Dear Anjabeen we can surely make it at home if we have the battery and the silver sticks for it, all what we need is distilled water, as it must never be made in the normal tap water....Surely antibiotics destroy so many healthy somatic cells,no wonder the dizziness.. Please do try to find out if you can get it where you are and then use it accordingly if your heart is satisfied with it.. Good luck