Sunday 4 March 2012

Potato-Chickpea Samosay

I think there is no introduction needed for samosay; it is the most beloved eaten snack with tea everywhere specially in Asia and now even here in Europe!

There are so many different ways of making it, small, big large, with different fillings but the most favorite is the one with potatoes!

I also tired many versions and this here was THE one!!!The dough for it was so nice and soft which gave me the best results ever that I myself was surprised and of course over whelmed as they turned out so perfect like we usually buy in stores or the ones like in Pakistan… Now really I am not showing off I am just happy at the results and am sure if you try them you’ll also be delighted: )
This is how I made them:

For the Samosa Dough:
300gram Plain flour (3 cups)
1tsp salt
1 tsp half crushed white cumin seeds
3 tbs soft butter
2 tbs plain yoghurt
Luke warm milk to knead the dough 1-2 cups or as needed

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl and knead medium firm dough by rubbing it with your palms so the butter actually mixes in all over evenly, as this helps to make the dough crispy (Khasta)
It will seem like a very lengthy recipe but I will try to explain so u can make it easily with your “left hands” (a German saying : )
Make small round balls, place on the flour dusted tray, and cover with cling and let it rest an hour

4-6 large potato (boiled and peeled)
I can boiled chickpea (300gram)

1tsp salt
1tsp crushed red chili
1tbs crushed coriander seeds
¾ tsp methi powder(Fenugreek)  (I grind the dry methi leaves)
1tsp roasted white cumin seeds powder
1tsp white cumin seed half crushed!
½ tsp Annar daana powder(dry pomegranate powder)
1 tbs lemon juice
3-4 green chilies
Half bunch chopped fresh coriander
2medium onion this sliced

First mash the potatoes just coarse and then with a big knife cut just so much that u can see chunks of it . Don’t make a Bhurta like we make for kababs coz the chunks give u the yummy taste!

-heat 4-5tbs of oil in a non stick broad wok and throw 1 tsp white zeera in it
-as they start to splutter add all the dry spices directly into the oil and stir on low heat or else it will give a burnt smell
-the color will change a bit green coz of the methi so no worries; it will look fresh when we add the potato to it : )
-now fry the onion slices in the same oil till they seem transparent, first add the chick peas, fry a little bit then add the potatoes and mix well by sprinkling some water so the potatoes do not stick
- take it out on some tray to let it cool down
-add the chopped green chilies and coriander evenly

-make a glue to stick the samosas, 1tbs floor, some luke warm water, mix till it looks like a glue. Many use only water but once the first made samosa dries up it starts having openings so better do the “seal them”: )

-dust your working table with good flour so the dough won’t stick
-roll out at least 15cm round roti, cut in the middle so we have a big size for the samosa
-paste the glue on the edges making a triangle, fill in with a tbs and again glue the front edges and press hard
-place on a tray dusted with flour, again this flour makes it stay dry and while frying they won’t absorb extra oil you can actually see them as u fry them that the surface will look dry
-after making all the samosaas then heat the oil, mean while they will rest a bit
-fry on a medium heat not too high as they will get darker and won’t cook from inside
-place on a kitchen paper and don’t stack them coz then they will get soft, they stay crunchy once they are left alone lol…..

-They are actually the best samoosaas ever, 2 per head is very filling, I served with homemade harri chutney (green chutney)  imli ki chutney (tamarind chutney)and readymade HP sauce : )

Why we knead with milk??? Coz the crisp comes with yoghurt and milk and butter, I had always seen my Mom kneading the dough with milk, I even knead the Namak paray dough with milk : )
Hope you Enjoy making them!


  1. how many samosas does this recipe make?

  2. I made nearly 12-13 with it dear as we don't make extra big forms na :)

  3. Aoa! Back on your page today :) was wondering if extras freeze well? Or should we use all of them once made?

  4. Wa'alaikum Assalaam dear Amna; Nice to see you back :)yes you can freeze them, just take care,to place a piece of cling between each layer,so when you take them out they won't stick to eachother and also you can take the number out you wish to, you won't have to thaw all to get may be 2-4 out of the wole lot. I always take them out and let them thaw half way in the room then they fry very well and evenly :)