Tuesday 20 March 2012

Penne with Veg/Chicken.. Baked in Cheese Sauce

300gram mixed Veg
( i used the frozen mixed pack, with broccoli, carrots, peas, maize, cauliflower, celery)
*cook Veg in ¼ cup water, don’t let it over cook, and should stay crunchy!!!
*As water dries, fry this all in 1 tbs butter slightly and set aside

2 chicken breast fillet (in stripes)
*cut 1cm strips of the fillets and fry them in 1-2 tbs butter till gold brown
*sprinkle some black pepper and salt to taste, set aside

300grm Penne
*boil according to instruction, drain and set aside
For Cheese sauce:
30 grm butter
2tbs flour
300 ml fresh milk
250gr cream cheese (Gouda or any cream cheese available there)
100gr grated cheese (Gouda)
100 gr Parmesan cheese
Black pepper, salt, nutmeg, dry herbs = all to taste

*Heat the butter in a pot
*Mix in the flour and fry till light pinkish
*Pour the fresh milk and which all till one boil
*Mix in all 3 sorts of cheese and mix well
*Sprinkle the spices and the dry herbs; let it boil 2-3 times till it has a bit thick consistency
*now pour this on to the fry Veg and mix very gently

*take a casserole and grease the bottom with some butter (just brush)
*spread the Penne till ¾ of the casserole
*spread the fried Veg/cheese sauce evenly all over the Penne
*the Penne will seems soaked in it, that’s ok
* now sprinkle the fried chicken strips all over on the top
*sprinkle some grated cheese and nutmeg in the end and bake in a preheated oven
* 180C° till the cheese is baked, and the Penne has absorbed the cheese sauce
Its indescribable yummmz: )

Happy Baking!!!


  1. Can you plz name all the dry herbs

  2. Hello dear Anonymous,
    The dry herbs are a blend of:
    Herb of Provence
    This is a mixed italian blend and you can get it easily in any Super market.