Wednesday 7 March 2012

The Original Shepherd’s Pie

A really hearty meal, very easy to make and full of vitamins and healthy vegetables. Many make it with chunks of meat; I make it with minced meat. There are so many ways to make it for sure but in Shepherd’s Pie there are normally these three vegetables used: carrots, peas and corn, but it is up to you if u want any other vegetable in it you can surely add according to your choice for new variations : )
I don’t use egg yolk to brush on the top as many do , coz it gives me a very eggissh smell and it covers the aroma of the baked potatoes L so up to you who want, can brush it, to get the yellow color otherwise I prefer the lovely original potato light yellow color :-)

   So this is what we do:
5-7 medium potatoes
300gr lamb minced meat
1 medium onion (thin half sliced)
100gr carrots ( peeled and cut in tiny squares)
100 peas
100gr yellow corn
¼ cup water
¾ tsp slat
1tsp Sweet paprika powder
dash of nutmeg
Parmesan cheese to sprinkle
1 tbs flour
6-8 tbs butter
-peel the potatoes ,cut i four and boil them with some salt
-drain water, and mash in a big bowl adding 2-3 tbs butter, this makes it flaky
-Heat another 2-3 tbs butter in a wok, fry the onion light pink
-add in the carrots and fry till half done
-add in the peas and fry till ¾ done
-give in the minced meat and fry it till the meat turns into a fresh color
-season with paprika powder and salt and grate some nutmeg directly upon it
-mix all well, add the corn and mix all together
-sprinkle the flour so it absorbs away the extra liquid, due to peas and carrots
-fry all together and take off

-now grease your baking form with some butter and give in the vegetable mixed minced
-pat it good with a spoon back to level it
-now spread the mashed potatoes over it and DON’T press it just leave it with peaks and uneven surface, this gives it a good pie look :-)
-drop dots of butter on each corner ,sprinkle the parmesan cheese and some paprika powder
-bake in a preheated oven on 180 ° for nearly 30 minutes
-you will see when it is done when it turns golden from the top