Saturday 3 March 2012

“"….. and more from Mommy’s house remedies….“” Part 2

I always thought that boric soda also known as soda bi-carbonate;  was good for the hard chickpeas  so that they are soft to be boiled for that yummy Aloo Channa Chaat : ) till I came to know more about it and then used them myself and I always rely on it now so whatever I write is my own “Tried and Tested” experience…..

Did you know it’s the best ever powder to solve all your infections….
For pain in joints…. By just taking baths in the Boric mixed water

For restless feet…….By taking foot bath daily for half an hourReduces sweaty feet… with a daily foot bath with 3tsp soda in 10 L water

Great against a mosquito bite….by making a paste with a little amount and applying like any cream…

For your fridge, if it smells, just place some boric in a plate in keep it in, yes the coffee is too good too, but may be many don’t like the smell of coffee and boric powder is neutral..

To whiten your gray curtains…..just put 2 table spoons of it in each washing along with the soap..

To give your burnt pot the shine back…Just boil some water with 2 table spoon of boric in it, yes the baking soda does the same too..

To get rid of the smell in your hands after cutting onions, just take some powder in the palms and wash thoroughly…

I lately had some stupid pain in my bunion and couldn’t walk properly…. okay it all happened because I wanted to look a bit taller at a friend’s wedding so I wore my very chic black high heels with a sharp toe… and  though it was a bit uneasy I thought well 2 hours no big deal  : )

As luck would have the Barati lost the way and reached after 4 hours delay…… and next you can imagine… yes next day I couldn’t set my feet on the floor…. And there came my best Friend Suzanne with this wonder powder….

What I did was took a feet bath in luke warm water daily with 2 table spoons of boric, many don’t know that  our feet work as a filter for our body and all what  we eat  good or bad, healthy or harmful, greasy or lean, all has their negatives effects besides giving us the taste ;  ) , so these feet baths are so important for all of us, it’s harmless , it’s soothing and it’s really effective!!
I didn’t need to see a doctor and within a week I was ready for the second wedding: )

Am digging in my diaries to share more with you all.. so till next time….


  1. This is just SUPER material for us all. Thankyou so much! I'm a bit confused...what's the difference between the Boric powder, The Baking soda? And which of these is the meettha soda? Isn't Boric Powder used for playing carrom? How can we use it for chick peas? Shouldn't that be baking soda? Please clarify all. Thankyou. I've read all your blog and I must say I've become a fan immediately :)
    I love your page layout too.

  2. Thank you indeed dear Anjabeen, now as you ask i can't stop laughing because yes you are right Boric powder is more of a chemical thingy whereas what i meant here was Soda bi-carbonate which we also know as "meetha soda" and i have once again mixed in three languages :)
    Thank you for your query my dear i got a chance to do the correction: It's actuallly baking soda or meetha soda or may be even plain soda powder ??? I loved reading your response :)

    I am always open to any advises and correctons so please keep doing that Thank you...:D

  3. ur right rania baking soda always works when i have dry cracked heels especially with the hot climate in uae... and the foot bath is always a relaxing treat! and i always keep it in my fridge/deep freezer as well!