Saturday 3 March 2012

Kharay masaly ka qeema ((Whole spices Minced meat)

As the name reflects this is an ultra delicious dish with crunchy spices and the hot flavour….. My childhood’s memories arise… my Mom and my Aunt used to make it very often, I loved the red whole chilies in it, and with watery eyes and a runny nose the wish was always there…more,.. more...more .. : )
It’s simple yet very rich in taste and flavour:

500grm Minced-meat
1tsp salt
1tsp red chilli flakes
1tsp roaszed cumin powder
1tsp corriander powder
1tbslp fresh grated garlic
2-4tbsl fresh lemon juice

 mix all spices in the meat and keep it in fridge for over nite

¼ cup butter/oil
3medium onions fine sliced
2” inche giner piece cut in stripes
6-8 red whole cillies
2 tomatoes, sliced
3-4 green chilli sliced
1tbsl of cloves and black pepper mixed together
1 lemon for fresh juice
Take a broad frying pan
Heat butter or oil in it
sprinkle some ginger and stir till it gives a nice smell
give in the minced meat and stir well
.now sprinke some ginger stripes and stir
you will see that it leaves lots of water so keep stirring
add the green chillis and stir welll.
add the sliced onions and mix all well
add in the red whole chilli and the whole spices
lay the sliced tomatoes and let cook with open lid
now add 2tbls of butter and keep stirring till the butter shows up
keep adding ginger from time time
it’s ready when  you see that the minced is dry  and crumbly.

sprinkle fresh lemon juice
I don’t garnish with fresh corriander as then the aroma of corriander rules the dish and that’s NOT the Qeema’s aroma :)
Enjoy with Khushka (plain white rice)


  1. Wah! looks very tasty...and quick to make too. I'm sure it will make an excellent breakfast menu with paratthas too!
    Thankyou for this lovely recipe. As always, your presentation and photography is Superb :)

  2. Thank you dear Anjabeen it always gives me a big smile to read such loving comments :) Sure it's heavenly with paratthas and i make sandwichs out of the rest at times too :)

  3. Oh wow m happy to see your blog,n first time join any blog :)
    happy cooking

  4. Oh Wow Welcome dear Aamna i'm glad to see you here :)I had this blog since 2 years but dint really get the time to work on it:/ Now i will be updating it off and on so hope you will stay tuned :)