Wednesday 21 March 2012


Hmmm I don’t know its origin but Its very similar to the Khoya, an more or less the same procedure to make it . Its made with milk turned into cottage cheese… and ….Its creamy and really very yummy simply Qallaqandish : )

So here’s the recipe will try to write it easily so u understand it, as its difficult to write the cooking  process some times J Its not so hard to make its only the correct timing you have to be careful of and a helper at your side to do all the washings ;-)
1 L milk atleast 4% fat
2-3 tblsp dry milk powder
2-3 tblsp lemon juice
½ cup cold water
2 tblsp dry milk powder if needed!!!
Mix the dry milk powder in the milk this makes it thicker and give it a boil, sprinkle lemon juice as it starts raising and take it off, pour the COLD water and let it stand for 2-3 mints, it will make like big big chunks don’t break them!!!
Now drain it onto a cheese cloth and wash it directly from the tap water so the sour taste of the lemon reduces, but don’t mix or mash with any spoon or hand; just lightly and then press out the remaining water by squeezing it from all sides, so your khoya is ready.

Next stage:
2 packs of heavy whipping cream
¼ cup thick condensed milk
½ L milk 4% fat (or any u get but NO fat free!!!!)
½ cup sugar

Pour milk, Cond.milk and whipping cream and let it cook at least ½ an hour so it starts getting thicker, it will take long so what I did I added in 2 tblsp of dry milk powder again to make it more thicker faster, as u feel that now the quantity is nearly half reduces, crumble in the khoya and mix all but don’t press it too hard only with light hands, mix all together and let cook, add in the sugar and keep stirring as now it will start jumping and shooting all around , I changed the pots thrice as to obtain the nice creamy colour or else it turns brown very fast, no matter if the pan is non stick it gets thicker and starts sticking so be careful and ready for it!!!
You will feel that the mixture is now leaving edges and is forming light dough so means it’s done.

Grease any steel plate or tray as it won’t stick on that but grease it with very light oil, I just wiped it with a kitchen paper dipped in oil, turn over the mixture and flatten it only a bit not tooo flat as it has to be in thick pieces and don’t press the surface as it should give an like uneven look like khoya J

Sprinkle chopped nuts, your choice and just let it cool for an hour in cold room temperature, then make pieces and eat …

Try not to store it long as it can get bad fast due to so much milk, so best to keep it in the fridge

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