Friday 19 July 2013

**Creamy Fruit Cream**

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The easiest ever quick dessert and equally very delicious.
We always had a bowl of this very delicious cream throughout Ramadhan as it is so very soothing in Iftaar, the chilled taste is very refreshing!
Yes it is made in the full fat cream but well then we don’t have to eat the whole big bowl na and just 3-4 spoons of it are enough to give you the refreshment : )
Almost everyone has tins of fruits and creams in store a very good substitute for Fruit Salad too.
I have started making it with yoghurt, just mix in half quantity of yoghurt, this makes it light and we save some % of full fat too.
I have made it using quark too,(cheese curd) and it tastes good enough, just avoid adding all the juices of the can as this makes it very runny and you will not enjoy the real taste.
You can surely cut in fresh fruit but then make it sometime ahead so the fruit is totally mixed up with the cream, as then it is at its best: )
Here’s how you make it
 2 tins of thick cream
Sugar to taste
¼ cup of plain yoghurt
1 tin of mixed fruits in juice (800 gram)
* mix the cream/yoghurt/sugar
*drain the fruits
*mix in the cream
*add some of the fruit juice for flavor
* be careful not too much as then it will get runny
*keep it in the freezer for a cold shock if you have less time
Or else it’s chilled in 2 hours :)
Enjoy the creamy flavor, you can top with whipped cream or jelly but this here tastes divine only as is :)


  1. I tried your recipe, very easy and simply yummy

  2. Thank you for your Feedback dear Dragtheteeth.I am glad you liked you :)

  3. Do you have to add yoghourt?

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    If you don't like it then skip it, i add it because it makes the heavy cream a bit lighter and gives a Little touch of sour taste. I also make it with pure cream so you can make it the way you like it dear :)