Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Traditional Fruit Chaat (Mixed Fruit Salad)

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This traditional fruit Chaat as many would say "Fruit Salad" is a must on each and every Iftar table throughout the month of Ramadan. It's juicy taste gives one a feeling of filling soon after just having one bowl of it : )
There is no special recipe for it but yes the style and the choice of fruits may be different.
Some use a lot of sugar in it and some make it with yoghurt, i like it the way i have been eating since my younger age, the way my Mom made it.


I use many fruits in it but not all, as it should combine and taste with each other.
I don't peal the fruit therefore i try to buy the organic ones as the real vitamin is hidden in the skin.
I had mangoes but i did not add in as they have their own rich taste and they would have taken the command among all :)
Here's how i make it:
2 small apples
1 large pear
6-10 cherries
A small bunch of red/green grapes
2 bananas
4-5 apricots
1 Plum/Prune
Seeds of half pomegranate
1/2 cup of pure orange juice

1/2 tsp Chaat masala
A spice specially made for this fruit salad based on;

   ½ tsp white salt(more to taste)
¾ tsp black salt
¾ tsp black pepper,
 ¾ red chilli,
  2 tsp pomegranate powder or
  2 tsp Mango powder
     2 tsp roasted cumin powder
 pinch of cinnamon powder)
1/4 tsp Paprika powder for a bright Color
  First  roast all these  and then grind all and preserved in a glass bottle
This makes around a small glass Container, it is better to make fresh every month as you get the fresh aorma of all spices .
1 tbs of sugar
2 pinches of black pepper
Pinch or more of red chili powder

Keep in mind that the Chaat Masala also has all these spices to always use less and increase accordingly
The good think is that we really don’t need to add tons of sugar in it,as the fruits are sweet and it tastes good with the Chaat masala in it.
*First of all, take a big bowl and pour the juice into it
*Now mix the chaat masala and the sugar and taste, if you want more you can surely all in
*I sprinkled some lemon juice on the apples and bananas to prevent them turn darker soon and this works!
* Now cut all fruit one after the other in the bowl, mix it well with the juice and keep in fridge so it is served cold
*You can surely pour in more juice, but with the time the fruit also leaves juices so i add just 1 cup :)
* I sometimes add canned chick peas in it and it tastes really good but not all in my Fam like it so i did not add in here :I
* I add pineapple too but didn’t have it at hand or else it tastes super in this mixed chaat : )
So your Chaat is ready to be served!!


  1. pls Rania can u give the quantity of the chat masala ingredients to grind , looks yummy i will try for iftar today

  2. Dear Anonymous please check the recipe i have just updated all the ingredients for you.
    It is always good to use a bit less salt as all spices are a bit salty in some way, and then add more accordingly to your taste. Good Luck :)

  3. Thank you Rania very kind of you !