Tuesday 23 July 2013

Chickpea Polau (Channy ka Polau)

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My most Favorite Polau after the Sandali polau of course : )
Chickpeas come from the Middle East/ Oriental Cuisine, high in protein and fiber they are the best supplementary to the main meals. I have always loved Pea and Chickpea polau just with a simply Salad Raita(yoghurt Dip) and Potato cutlets as a side dish.
The aroma rising from the kitchen when it is being cooked is indescribable : )
I make it very often with all sorts of curries as we can taste the curry more intensively when the rice is not too heavy and spicy
My method is the one I adopted from my Mama darling and I have never done any changes in it so it stays MY HOME recipe and now I am sharing with you all so you can also taste the yummiest Chickpea polau ever : )
Mom used to soak and boil the dry chickpeas, I also boil and freeze but  I am not so efficient all the time so use canned ones too : )
I have my fixed ratio for rice which is so perfect that I never had any blunders Alhamdolillah!
I take 2 cups of rice and 2 glasses of water or you can use the same cup and take 2 cups for each cup of rice, means in this case if you have 2 cups of rice then 4 cups of water.
My cup is around 110 g and my glass fills in 200ml
The rice cooks fast as we soak it in luke warm water
So here we start off to make our Polau
2 cups Basmati rice ( soak in luke warm water15 minutes before you have to cook)
1 tin of boiled chickpeas (800gr drained and washed)
1 large onion (fine siced
1 tbs ginger/garlic paste
3-4 tbs yoghurt (well beaten)
1 tsp white cumin seeds
2 black cardamom
6-7 black peppercorn
5-6 cloves
¼ tsp cumin powder
¼ tsp red chili powder
2 tsp salt (included for the rice )
¼ cup Ghee or Oil ( I use oil)
3-4 pinches of yellow color Or
Safaron if at hand
 *heat the oil in a broad pot
*add the black pepper, cardamom and cloves and let it splutter
*sprinkle the cumin seeds and fry till they give aroma, don’t let them burn!
*now fry the sliced onion in the oil till golden brown
* we fry a bit more than normal golden so we have a nice color for the rice
*after the color has turned, add the GG paste and stir well till the smell of it is finished
*now mix the spices in the yoghurt and pour this in the pot and stir good
*the yoghurt will leave a bit of water and the spices will mix in with the onion
*add the drained chickpeas and stir all gently on a low heat
*the chickpeas will absorb the yoghurt gravy and all will see dry
*now pour in the water for the rice, give it 2 boils and then add the drained rice
*set on a high lame with the lid covered, then turn down the flame
*when you see just bubbles on the surface turn down the heat to the lowest number/flame
* mix the color in  some drops of water and sprinkle at 3 different places and cover with a light wet kitchen towel and press the cover tightly so it steams well
* the rice is usually ready in 10-15 minutes
* just remove the cloth so the rice does not get softer in the steam
* loosen the rice form sides carefully with a steel slotted spoon (Kafgeer)
It is ready to serve, sprinkle some garam masala when you dish out, gives a super aroma.
Enjoy the Rich divine Poalu


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