Monday 21 April 2014

**Fry Chicken** Juicy and Soft

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I think chicken is the most cooked item in every home, with various styles and spices.
Sometimes baked, grilled, roasted or it lands in a Wok for a yummy curry or Karahi : )
Different people, different tastes… Some like it very spicy and use all the spices they have to give it an extra hot touch. Though I love hot stuff and am the biggest Chili fan on this earth, yet there are some dishes were also I keep my hands off from all the masalaas : )
After taking a pause from cooking for quite a while now due to my arm, I was cooking light stuff where I didn’t have to sway my arm a lot. I made a lot of baking stuff where I just mixed in spices and just pushed them in the oven lol
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This week It was the turn of the chicken. I usually bake it or make Karahi, I also fry drum sticks but this time I fried the chicken, and with using just 3 spices and the result that you get is really enormously great!
I do think that at tmes we all use so much coating of flour/chickpea flour, that we don’t get the real taste of the meat. It is important that we get to taste the actual taste of the dish too, and not just the spices : )
It is the fastest and the tastiest way if you have marinated the meat ahead which is also very easy and quick. I know it’s nothing new as everyone fries chicken very often, but do try out with really less spices and you’ll surely love it. I loved the fried yet a bit roasted light color on it  :)
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This is what I did:
I bought 7 fresh Chicken legs; makes around 1 kilo and some extra grams
 I usually marinate the meat when it is fresh and then freeze it for the next time. This way the meat also absorbs the spices very well and I just need to take them out of the freezer whenever I need to, and place it in the fridge so they can be used next day.
So the spices I used are:
1 ½ tsp salt (more to taste)
2 ½ tsp red chili flakes
6-7 grated fresh garlic
½ cup oil


*take off the skin, wash the meat and then dry them with a kitchen towel
* cut in deep slanting cuts with a big knife on both sides
*don’t cut all over as the meat will open up while frying and loose its lovely shape
*now mix in the salt /red chili / grated garlic in the ½ cup of oil
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* rub this marination very well in the cuts of the meat and all over, till the whole is covered with the spices and oil
*if you want to make it the next day, just cover and keep in fridge but if you want to save it for any other time then freeze it. They stay Super and are always ready if you have unexpected guests.
*you can also bake them, but I prefer to fry as the meat stays remarkably soft and juicy.
*I just fry in the Wok with really less oil, means; not the deep fry amount, just enough that one side dips in the oil and then I keep turning and twisting, of course I let one side cook slightly then turn over to avoid getting it dark.
*just keep the flame on medium and allow the meat to cook till deep, if your flame is high, the meat will get a nice gold color from outside but it will remain uncooked inside, so you see haste is waste so always have patience while cooking or frying anything : )
*I mentioned this because some of my friends face problems while frying things such as Kababs, I get the feedback that the recipe was good BUT the kababs were raw from inside, so the tip is to enjoy and love making anything with time and patience :)
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*So back to our chick fry ; it will take nearly 6-8 minutes till the meat is cooked, so don’t leave it unattended, just play around, check if you feel one side is turning a bit gold, turn it over, so this way you will get an even nice cooked look.
* you see the legs are really very juicy and soft, a trick what I do is, I cover a lid when the legs are half done, this way the steam which builds inside the wok/pan/pot makes  the meat tender and cooks till inside!
*your fries are ready in actually 16-18 minutes with a fantastic yummy result : )
I served with Turkish naan and baguettes and made potato chips with it. Just cut them thick and soak in chilled salty water for half an hour, drain the water, dry with the kitchen cloth and dust plain flour over them, toss and turn once and then deep fry in hot oil.
Don’t sprinkle salt on them, they stay crunchy. Each to its choice, I keep the salt with them and let everyone sprinkle as they like it : )
I’d prefer chapatti  but I saved my arms energy ;)
I love it with khushka (plain white rice) just pour some oil on the rice, the one in which you fried the chicken, it is yummmz!

Monday 7 April 2014


I thought if not Cooking, then at least some fun time :)
We had a lovely sunny day today, now we are sure that the Winter has finally  said Goodbye (hopefully)
I was observing my plants how they started blooming after the Winter sleep.
It is amazing to see how nature works. I thought to  play around with my Camera :)



Looking forward to buy more balcony plants, at the moment it's lovely to see some color from last year through the window :)



Friday 4 April 2014

Hi :)

Hello my dear friends and followers,
Long time no see, isn’t it :)
I have been inactive since quite a time now and believe me I am missing this terribly….
I am missing you all, am missing the excitement of cooking, am missing the new dishes I had planned to try out, am missing the happiness of good food :/
 I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart; who have been visiting me and have been surfing through my blog day in and day out, despite nothing new being uploaded. I am really thankful for your love and trust!
The reason of my pause was and will remain a while, is my injured right arm. I am advised to rest it at least 6 months, though I do cook, but usually the easiest and fastest things and with the help of my lovely family :)
I hope to be on the “dance floor” soon but I am always here to reply to your questions so please feel free to mail me any time, like many of you keep doing.
Sending good wishes and lots of love your way for you and your families. Stay blessed and happy and keep me in your thoughts
I am found sitting here now a days :)
Thanks a Billion to my dearest Friend Sussane who bought and painted this lovely gift for me, not forgetting the crowns on each end with the signature
"To whom it belongs" :)
I simply love it!