Friday 4 April 2014

Hi :)

Hello my dear friends and followers,
Long time no see, isn’t it :)
I have been inactive since quite a time now and believe me I am missing this terribly….
I am missing you all, am missing the excitement of cooking, am missing the new dishes I had planned to try out, am missing the happiness of good food :/
 I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart; who have been visiting me and have been surfing through my blog day in and day out, despite nothing new being uploaded. I am really thankful for your love and trust!
The reason of my pause was and will remain a while, is my injured right arm. I am advised to rest it at least 6 months, though I do cook, but usually the easiest and fastest things and with the help of my lovely family :)
I hope to be on the “dance floor” soon but I am always here to reply to your questions so please feel free to mail me any time, like many of you keep doing.
Sending good wishes and lots of love your way for you and your families. Stay blessed and happy and keep me in your thoughts
I am found sitting here now a days :)
Thanks a Billion to my dearest Friend Sussane who bought and painted this lovely gift for me, not forgetting the crowns on each end with the signature
"To whom it belongs" :)
I simply love it!


  1. Rania May Allah swt give you shifaa and hope you recover soon - lovely chair mashaAllah

  2. Thank you very much for your soooo sweet prayers dear mash <3

  3. Get Well Soon Rania.. the chair luks lovely :)