Thursday 21 February 2013

Karhi with Rice/Fish kababs/Chilli Pickle/Poppadom

An introduction of Karhi for my German Friends : )
This is sort of a national hearty dish, cooked very often in nearly all households, and eaten with great love and pleasure!

A spicy thick curry is made with the chickpea powder and yoghurt. After adding spices in it we cook it quite long to get the nice creamy consistency.
Later fried fritters are added to it and poured with the tempering of fresh garlic, whole red chilli and cumin seeds.


I usually make it with yoghurt, but this time I used Butter milk and I tell you it is the best ever, I bought the 3,8% fat, it’s just perfect!
You can make your own butter milk if you don’t get any easily the ratio is: 1 cup of milk
1tbs vinegar
*pour milk in a small bowl, add the vinegar and let it rest 2-3 minutes
*you’ll see the milk changing, it’s ready
*just whisk a bit and proceed with the recipe below
500 gram butter milk( makes 2 cups)
4-5 tbs gram flour (besan)
4-6 garlic pods (crushed)
1tsp dry fenugreek powder (methi)
1 tsp red chili (or to taste)
½ tsp cumin powder (zeera)
1tsp dry coriander powder (Dhaina)
¼ tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
5-6 curry leaves (curry patta)
3-4 glasses water (more or less accordingly)
-pour the butter milk in a pot
-add in all spices
-fold in the gram flour slowly and keep whisking
-add in the water, keep whisking
-add the curry leaves too (these give a very delicious sour taste to the karhi)
-place it on the stove on a medium heat
-it will become thick so take care not to cover the whole lid as it will spill all out!!!!
-let it boil twice thrice and then
lower the heat and let it cook
-It is done in about 11/2 – 2 hours,
 it should look like a thick yellow creamy mixture
-no water should be visible!!
-you will also see a fine line of grease (oil) on the sides, means it is ready

Pakoray (Fritters)
 200 gr gram flour (nearly 2 cups)
One large onion (cut in thin cubes)
1 small potato (cut in fine cubes)
4-5 green chilies
1tsp dry coriander seed (crushed)
½ tsp cumin powder
½ tsp all spice powder (gram masala)
½ tsp methi powder
2 Pinches of soda
-Make a creamy batter of gram flour and fold in all the ingredients
-Now make small round pakorays  and as ready, take them out in a plate
- As u fry the second batch of pakoras, put the fried ones in the karhi
-mix the karhi so they drown in it and absorb it.
The tip of not putting them directly in the karhi is that they won’t over soak, but will stay soft and good in shape
I also put it directly in the karhi and let is simmer on a very low heat, so the fritters absorb all the karhi very well.

-Now make the Baghaar (Tempering) for it:
¼ cup oil
1tbs cumin seed
 6-7 red whole chilies
3 garlic pods sliced
2-4 curry leaves
 -heat the oil, add in the red chillis; fry them light brown
-add in the garlic and don’t let them burn, fry light brown
-Sprinkle the cumin seeds and let splutter
-pour all into the pot of Karhi and close lid immediately
-the tasty aroma will enlighten your karhi : )
The heavenly Karhi is ready to serve with the side dishes, I always fry the Poppadam with it, the Fish Kabab gives it s very rich taste and above that all the pickle is simply divine : )
 Make it and enjoy it!!



  1. hi, looks yummy . do you really have to cook it for 2 hrs?

  2. Hello dear Anonymous, yes you have to cook it this long so the gram flour and yoghurt get well mixed and you dont feel the taste of the raw flour in it. Apart from this you get the right creamy consistency we need :)

  3. Thanks! was just thinking it might lose a lot of moisture due to the long cooking......maybe just keep topping up with water. looks and sounds delish! will try it this weekend.

  4. Sorry dear Anonymous, i missed your post.

    I do add water if i think or feel that it is getting too thick, otherwise it keeps simmering on a low heat and turns into a perfect consistency.
    hope you tried it and liked it :)

  5. Asalam o alaikum
    Im making ths today with butter milk... Just wanted to ask u that when i added vinegar to milk it didnt change texture. What am i doing wrong??

  6. Wa'alaikum Assalaam dear Rafya;
    When you add the vinegar the taste changes more than the structure, just let it stay for a while and you will feel the sour aroma,THAT is the buttermilk Aroma!

    It stays in liquid form dear.
    Good luck hope it turns out Super, do share your feed back,i'll be looking Forward to it :)