Sunday 3 February 2013

Mustard/Mayo Grilled Minced Meat Balls & Grilled Veg

I had taken out minced meat to make Koftay, and as the process is a bit lengthy i thought to take out the half and make some Mustard balls, are quick to make and very delicious. Later I also cooked Koftay for tomorrow : )
For small portions of meals I usually use my Mini baking oven, it has those fine thin rods and cooks all fantastic!
Mustard balls are a favorite item as a snack on parties or as starters, they are also served cold, they taste very good, mines turned a bit darker than normal as I put a bit more mustard In it and spread some on the balls too, next time I won’t spread on the top :(
I made the simple butter rice with it, but made it in a small non stick frying pan, I enjoyed cooking  in the pan, spread some yellow food color to give it a richer look :)
Cut fine thin slices of ginger, paprika, or any Veg you would like to have with rice, I took the hot chilies too, spread 2 tbs oil in the baking tray and lay all on it to grill. The whole process took like 20-25 minutes. Prepared the rice as the balls were in the oven
So let’s get set and cook:
300 gram minced meat
1 medium onion (fine chopped)
3 tbs bread crumbs
1 egg
½ tsp salt or more to taste ( be careful as mustard is also salty!)
½ tsp red chili flakes
½ black pepper
1 ½ tsp hot mustard paste
1 tbs mayonnaise
1tsp fresh garlic paste
1tbs butter ( to melt and brush on the balls later)
2tbs of milk (to knead all smoothly)
1 red/yellow paprika
6-8 slices of ginger
4-8 chilies
You can also take any Veg you like to. It’s your free choice.
*I chop the onion adding the 3 powder spices into so it is very easy to mix all evenly
*mix the mince well and then add the rest ingredients in it
*knead all very well till all the spices get mixed in
*make walnut size balls and prick a shashlik stick through 3-4 balls
*brush some butter on each ( I brushed mustard paste also)
*place the wire rack on the baking tray and lay these sticks on it
*bake or grill on 200°C for around 20 minutes, just turn the stick once so the other side also gets grilled/baked
*as the balls are ¾ done, you can lay the Veg in the tray so all gets ready at the same time.
*you can grill Zucchini or egg plant too, I like only paprika.
I loved to serve in the pan, you can dish out and, so as soon as the balls are ready, just serve with one stick each or as demand.
It may seem dry to some, you can use any dip or raita with it, we liked it only with the grilled Veg and hot steamy buttery rice!
No fuss, very easy, quick with a tasty outcome :)
Happy Grilling!


  1. helllooooo, wonderful, which paste brand u use?

  2. Hello dear, i use the Kühne senf, it is a German brand, you can get it in tubes and in glasses too. You can also buy any good local branded mustard which you get at your place.
    You can surely make it yourself too, please check out this link for more!/notes/raniawork-with-sugarn-spice/mustard-pastecream/409453582480883