Friday 8 February 2013

~Goulash with Paprika in Cream Sauce~

Goulash is a tender beef part, it is nearly fat free It cooks very fast and usually we always cut it in small pieces, that is the beauty of it, it will not give you any attraction if the pieces are too big! We also call it gool boti ka gosht in Urdu : )
Goulash is described in so many ways; each has its own way of making it. It is made in nearly all over the world with different names and styles, with different Vegetables in it and mostly as a stew and a thick soup. It is supposed to be the origin of Hungary
Here in Germany my friend makes it with potatoes in a thick soup with lots of tomato sauce, and we eat it with a nice garlic baguette : )
My Mom used to make this without any combinations, just simple with thick gravy made of yoghurt and hot spices.
I have experienced many new ways of molding many of her dishes adding other ingredients : )
I actually planned to make something else today (will make it in a day or two) but then saw the lovely Red Paprika in the fridge so changed to plan B lol…
I set my rice to cook on the fast track as no rice no fun : )
So here’s what I did:
400 gram chunks of beef
2-3 garlic pods (grated)
1large Paprika (cut in strips)
3 spring onion stem ( cut fine circles)
4-5 green chilies (optional)
150 ml cream ( I took double cream)
3 tbs butter( for meat)
2 tbs butter ( for Veg)
½ - ¾ tsp salt
½ tsp red chili flakes
¼ tsp black pepper
*You need two pans for this
-*heat the butter in a broad pan and fry the meat in it,
-*grate the garlic directly on the meat and mix well
-*the meat leaves water so we don’t need to add much water in it
-*I just added like a half cup to it just covers the lid, so the meat is done in the steam
-*try NOT to pirck any spoon or fork in the meat, so they will stay soft and spongy
-*on the other side, heat another pan, melt in the next butter on medium heat
-*fry the spring onion light pinkish, all the paprika and just stir slightly
-*slit the green chilies and add them too
-*now just keep stirring don’t cover it as the Vegetable must be crunchy!
-*in the mean time the meat must be ready and nearly dry fry
-*now take a larger pan and combine both Vegetable and meat and mix them
-*sprinkle all the spices mixing them gently so the Vegetable doesn’t break
-*in the end pour the cream and cook and keep stirring slightly, the cream will start getting thicker, so don’t leave it unattended
-*cook till the consistency you like, I wanted it nearly dried up yet it had a very soft and juicy texture, you can make the creamy gravy according to your taste.
**The delish meal is ready  : ) Make and enjoy it with warm fresh rice like I did : )**

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