Wednesday 20 February 2013

Minced Meat Stuffed Chilli Peppers

I think i am one of the greatest chilli lovers in this continent lol….. I keep looking for hot hotter hottest chillis as I eat them raw with my daily meals WOW what a taste!!

I had bought these Mexican hot chillis because the different colors attracted a lot. I thought what a shame if I cut them and add them in my curry, so why not do something more creative them which lasts long ( burning in the mouth of the eaters hehehe)
We all have eaten the normal fried chilis so often so this is nothing new the only difference is that i stuffed them with the minced meat I had made for my Bitter gourd (karelay)


I use a lot of onion in minced meat as this gives it a very delicious taste, and I cut my onion in fine rings not sliced!
Take care if you try these chillis as they are really really hot! The pure red one are a bit mild but the rest are FIERY!!!


A sister asked if we can fry them simply without any batter, of course you can if you CAN eat them : )
I eat it in all forms but I dipped these here in a batter so all others could also have a chance to taste them : )

You can fill in, cheese with spinach, chicken chunks, simple mixed salad or even the pickle masala, everything increases its taste : )

Sadly I have no pic of the ready to eat ones, as they were being eaten as I was frying them :)

So well here is what I did:

10-12 fresh firm Mexican chillis
*first of all grease your hands well so your skin will not absorb the hotness of them
*I used disposable gloves
*wash, dry, and make a slit in each of it
*scrape out the seeds with a small spoon or scrapers if you have it at hand
*Don’t throw them we need them too!

150 gram minced meat
2 onions (cut find rings)( Lacchay)
1tbs of fresh ginger chopped
2-3 tsp oil
All the seeds of the chillies!

The following spices all to your taste:
red chilli flakes
garam masala,
cumin powder


*heat the oil on a low flame; don’t take more as the minced meat also leaves some oil while cooking

 *fry half of the onion rings in it and keep turning and twisting so it does not burn as we have less oil na!
*fry it till the water dries and the onion looks glassy

 *now add the mince in it and stir so it opens up evenly
* sprinkle the chilli seeds and mix all
*the mince will start cooking and becoming crumbly
*sprinkle the spices to your taste, be careful adding the red chilli flaks as the seeds are hot too!
*mix all well, remember we are cooking on a low heat, as we have a less amount of mince and we don’t want to dry its juices all up : )

 *it should be soft and juicy
*now sprinkle the rest half of the onions and mix all and cover with a lid, they will become softer in the steam
*I love it this way as I need to feel the onion on each bite : )

Let the mixture cool down and then fill in the chillis with a small spoon
You may see some wrinkles on the chillis in my pic, no they are not oldies hehehe this is because I filled in the still warm mixture so they didn’t like it and have made a face : )

Okay so now we have to coat them and fry, I don’t do the usual chickpea powder thick coating as one has to feel the taste of the chilli not the batter,I make the light tempura batter with the cold water and flour, that’s crispier and easier.
Tempura Batter :
1 cup plain flour
1 cup chilled cold water
¼ cup corn flour
1 egg
Salt to taste
(be careful as we have added salt while marinating too!)
-mix the flour and corn flour
(adding the corn flour gives it stability, as only flour gets sticky and soggy soon)
-beat the egg in a glass bowl and add in the cold water and keep whisking
-now add the mixed flour slowly and keep whisking to avoid any lumps
-add in the salt and if you like more black pepper to it
-whisk the batter generously till thick but creamy and gooey not stiff, but DO NOT over beat it , as then the gluten can be active and make is very sticky like a glue and then it’s of no use…
*now dip the chillis in this batter and deep fry
* fry till light gold color not brown.

So hope you’ll try it and enjoy the hot taste, that is if you are a chilli lover like me : )

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