Tuesday 26 March 2013

It’s Winter in the City : )

As I moved to Germany I think I was the only human being who was so excited to see the  rain and snow : ) I always felt so happy as it rained and my friends used to think I am gone crazy lol..
The rest of the people were so irritated from the constant rainy weather and I thought how boring they are : )
Well the scene changed soon enough for me, after enjoying a few months of rain I understood the reason behind this boredom as I also entered in that circle :/)

My love for snow fall is till today young and fresh, I love the snow, I love the whole atmosphere, I love the white flakes, I love the streets all covered with sheets of snow. I just LOVE it!
This year we had and still have a tremendous season of snow fall, each day I captured the different scenes from my windows running around with my camera : )
I just love to save these moments and share them with my readers and friends too : )

Love the cars topped with this pure white powdery snow, I better not mention how long it took to get the car ready for start :D
I have the best view from my balcony,where ever you turn your eyes, you just see the lovely spread white sheets from one side to the other :) 
And now the fun part with "Car Skating" around the streets :)