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“Victoria Sponge Cake”

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10,000 and more!!!!
Thank you to all my Freinds and Members who have joined my FB  Group.
Thank you for supporting me and taking "YOUR" Group high across the Globe over the 10,000 number :D
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I baked this cake to share the happiness with you all and my lovely daughter decorated it saying it should be shiny and attractive :)

The Elephants are a symbol of festivity and a power, in this case a powerful number of 10,000 : )
 The round earth ball signifies all my friends around the globe, the candles are the warm lights which enlighten our hearts and souls and the Jennie lamp to fulfill your wishes in the future :D
I wanted to try this “Victoria Sponge Cake” since a while but it kept pending.
As the 10,000 mark on my fan page was coming near and I had invited my Family friends the same evening so I thought it’s the best time to bake it now or never : )
It's fun enjoying it together:)

So this is how it looks when you cut it, it is
 spongy.....spongy....spongy....and spongy !!!
Have no other words to describe you should make it yourself to believe me :)
Victoria Sponge Cake is a very English cake with very simple ingredients but if made the right way it is the best cake one can have with or without tea. Its soft and spongy structure and then the Raspberry filling makes it the Top Class Cake!
My Mom used to make this Sponge cake at that time when we had no oven and she had this round silver cake form and I remember she used to beat 6-7 eggs for that, the cake seemed so yellow, now I know it was because of the egg yolks, and the aroma of that cake was just awesome.

It was *The Sponge Cake* of that time, made on the hot plate (tawa) kept on the stove on a very low heat covered with a thick cloth so it stays warm.
I had forgotten the right way of it just knew it were many eggs and butter :)
With the passing time one forgets so much and can't recall the exact recipe but have that light vision and as soon as i get some helping hints it's there

Look at that Raspberry jam oooooozing out ...Yummmmmmy!!!
Well then I googled to search for this cake and came across this  site which was the nearest to the original sponge cake  so I  just increased my ingredients in grams and followed the rest instructions.
 "Thanks a lot to the blog owner for sharing this recipe"
I just made it the classic way with Raspberry jam and castor sugar and it is in fact really very spongy.
You really press on the top and it really pops up back and this happens when you really beat and beat and beat and beat ….. I can tell you how much time I spend doing this :

15 minutes for Butter
15 minutes for eggs
BUT used a wooden spoon to fold in the mix of flour and baking powder as this is important or you will have thousands of holes on your lovely cake.
Here’s the link to the site:
I weighed the eggs I had and took all ingredients according to that, so here are my measurements:
220 grams of flour
2tsp baking powder
220 grams of sugar
220 grams soft butter
2-3 tsp milk
1tbs Vanilla essence
300 gram Raspberry jam
Castor sugar for topping
Do try you’ll love it for sure!
Here the steps of making it, copied from "

Classic Victoria Sponge Recipe (for an 8″ round cake)

3 eggs (You will need to weigh them in their shells.  Mine weighed 180g)
Exactly the same amount of butter, caster sugar and self-raising flour.  (If you only have all-purpose/plain flour, add 1 teaspoon of baking powder [5g] per 100g of flour.  Apologies US friends – I think that equates to 1 tsp baking powder for just over 3/4 cup of flour).
Raspberry jam (home-made is lush!)

* Grease and line two 8″ sandwich tins.
* Preheat your oven to 160 degrees C (320 degrees F).
* Weigh out your ingredients. (Remember, it is the weight of the eggs in their shells you will base your recipe on). So, if you have eggs that weigh 180g, you will need equivalent weights of butter, sugar and flour.
* High sift your flour into a clean bowl, twice!
* Quickly beat together your eggs in a cup.
* In your free-standing mixer, or using an electric hand whisk, beat your butter until pale and fluffy.
* Add your sugar and beat.  Beat it some more.  Beat the living daylights out of it!
* Gradually add your eggs, a little at a time.  Beat, beat, scrape down, beat, beat and beat.  If your mixture curdles, you are being darn impatient!  This part takes time, but is vital to a light sponge.  Set aside 10 minutes for this part.
* Make a cup of tea.  :)
* When your mixture is ‘together’ and isn’t curdling, high sift your flour into the bowl and, by hand, fold it in.
* Spoon the mixture between your two cake tins.  For a perfect sponge, weigh the mixture evenly in each tin!  Spread it round.
* Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until light golden brown.  The top should spring back to the touch and the edges should be pulling away from the sides of the tin.
* Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then turn onto a cooling rack.
* When cool, fill with raspberry jam and sandwich the cakes together.  Sprinkle with caster sugar.



  1. That looks truly delicious Rania!! Thank you for linking back to my blog... I love your recipes - I plan to try some out soon! I will post and link back to you Moo x

  2. Hello Moo i'm really glad to see you :)Thank you for your sweet reply xxx
    Looking Forward to your yummy dishes :)