Thursday 1 August 2013

**Spinach Fritters** (Palak Kingri)

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All such fitters coated in the gram flour are a special delight of the South Asian cuisine.
We can actually dip any vegetable in this coating and fry, it is A1 in every way.
I have made many different sort of Pakorays with Vegetables with meat with Chickem and so on ….
Spinach fritters are also one of them.

These here are sort of Pakorays but made like a thread form, i cut the spinach fine in length and drop in lengthy shape, they are a bit thick yet seem thin and crunchy
Very crispy and hearty pakoray form, the more crisp the more fun eating more and more
They taste so good even if cold and if you ask me i really make extra batch and keep it for the next day to have it with tea:)
From the rest I added Potato,onions and spinach and made flat pakorays, the spinach makes them really crunchy.
Just be careful not to soak the spinach in the water while washing as the leaves absorb so much water and the batter can become too runny, in that case just add in 1 crumbled slice of bread perfecto :D
It’s so very yummmy, try and see and you'll know what i mean
So here’s how I make these:
½ kilo fresh spinach leaves (chopped length wise)
2 medium potatoes (fine thin stripes and squares)
 2 Large onions (thin sliced)
 2 cups besan (gram flour)
2tblsp crushed coriander seed (best in mortar)
2 tsp crushed white cumin seeds (in mortar)
1 1/2  tsp salt 2tsp chili flakes
1/2 tsp garam masala ½ tsp fenugreek powder ( methi)
½ bunch fresh chopped coriander
4-5green chilies’ in rings
- Take a big bowl and put all the above given ingredients in it
-from spinach to all spices, and mix all well with your hands (better with a single use glove)
-now sprinkle the besan on it and keep mixing to see that all the chopped vegetable covers in it
-now pour luke warm water and best mix with hands to feel the consistency
-it should not be runny!! And not too thick as all the vegetables leave water and till you have fried all of it, it will become runny
 -the dough should be very creamy yet not thick, should flow from your fingers when u drop in a plate to check..
 -heat a good amount of oil in a big vessel or wok; drop the dough in small portions in the oil directly with your fingers!!!
 -If u have fears to burn your finger then take a small spoon as they should be small and thin only then they stay extreme crispy, if they are big and thick they will become soft and loose the crunchy spinach effect….
- I did not add any baking powder or soda as many do as that is good if u are making pakoray for karhi or dahi phulikiaan.
  **A member asked tip for making them crispy.
-best way is to use less besan and more thin sliced vegetable whatever you like
-never cover them after frying, they become soft in steam
 -don’t add soda, and always try to make small and flat pakoray, they cook fast and stay crunchy long .
Fry and Enjoy the taste :D


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