Monday 12 August 2013

**Khoya Rabrri** (Thick creamy Delight)

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I usually make Gulab jamun on Eid of course along with my Sheer Khoorma : )
My friend had invited us for dinner and I thought to make something different, my first idea was of Qalaaqand or Khoya barfi and then this splendid idea came to mind to make the 2 in 1
Well the result ended in such a creamy and ultra yummy Rabrri that we started eating it warm directly from the pot. I tell you, you have to make and taste this Richie Rich thick cream : )
It is not the smooth cream paste one , it is far more better….. the crumbly creamy yet soft  Rabrri!

I have made Qalaaqand and Barfi earlier; you’ll find it here in the archives.
So what I did was, boiled the milk, made Khoya (cheese) mixed sugar, dry milk almonds Kewra water and that’s it.
Oh okay okay you need the full recipe lol.. Okay let’s start off then ,you take :
2 L full fat milk
( I took 3.8% fresh organic milk)
5-6 tb lemon juice
1 pack of double cream (in liquid form)
¼ cup thick condensed milk
½ tbs cardamom powder
½ cup sugar and more to taste
2-3 tbs Kewra water
¼ cup crushed almonds
Some for the top decoration

5 tbs dry milk powder (Nido)
5-8tbs water (to mix the powder)
2-tbs sugar (to mix in the dry milk)
-pour out the 2 liter milk in a broad pot and set to boil
-as it reaches the boiling point pour in the lemon juice and take it away from the stove so it does not over boil
-you will see that the milk has formed chunks and the milk has become watery
-just move them with a slotted spoon very gently so they do not break
-turn the flame on the highest number so the water starts to dry
-mix in the ½ cup sugar and just taste the water, if you feel it is sour add more to your taste
-as you see the water evapourating, add in the double cream and the condensed milk and stir
-while that is cooking, make slightly hard dough with the dry milk powder by adding the water in it
-it will form into a small soft ball, add that to the pot and stir quickly so it mixes up with the rest chunks
-add the cardamom and the Kewra to it and mix all well. Add the crushed almond too.
-now stir all and let it cook, this will take approximately 40-50 minutes till all starts forming a crumbly look
-keep stirring so it does not burn as it will start getting thicker every minute.
-after cooking for nearly 1 ½ hour it will take its real form
-don’t dry it up totally as it should stay a bit gooey so it takes the perfect consistency after being chilled
-dish out in a bowl, sprinkle the rest almonds and decorate with the silver leaf
(I had these silver leaves made at a herbal shop back in my home town,well he said it is real silver as now a days we find the fake ones all over, but as these here turn black if left open, i am sure they are the real silver ones :) )
This Rabrri is such a delight and so delicious in taste, I made 2 bowls, one for my friend and one for us at home and that is already finished :)
 This Royal khoya Rabrri should not be a daily treat as it is really very rich in calories, sweet sugar and fat%
But of course a must off and on at any special occasion and Eid is one of them for sure!
Hope you try and enjoy as we did : )

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