Thursday 1 March 2012

Mango Khoya Kulfi

Rich in nuts and mawaa; a pleasure for all souls : )
Who can ever say NO to this heavenly dessert? My Niece is a die-hard fan of it so I made them for her and she took good care of them : )
Very simple and feather light to make:

1 tin cream full fat
250ml double cream (thick whipped one)
150grm khoya(from 1 liter milk)
1 cup mango pulp
¾ tin thick condensed milk
sugar more to taste if needed
3-4 tsp kewra
100 gram fine grinded Almond with skin
1 slice of white bread
2tsp cardamom powder
Crushed Pistachios to taste

1ltr milk for khoya extra
3-4tsp lemon juice
3-4tsp sugar
3 tbs powder milk

-bring milk to boil, squeeze in 3-4 tsp lemon
-as the milk turns in chunks, drain out the water
-pour on cold water and drain it out again
-mix in 3-4 tsp sugar in the chunks and add the powder milk and mix till all form a chunky structure.

-mix all the above given ingredients accept the bread and khoya
-don’t beat just whisk all till smooth
-now add the shredded bread pieces and mix all
in the end just drop I chunks of khoya so they don’t get mixed like a paste
-add in the almonds and pistachios
-pour out in Kulfi moulds if u have them
-I dint have them so I used the small cups
-let them chill over nite
-serve garnishing with nuts of ur choice
-its very heavy and creamy and tastes excellent when khoya chunks come in ur mouth Ummmmmmmmmmmmm : )


  1. Checking to see if my comment will stick this time, fingers crossed!

    LOVE your page Queen Rania, mashaAllah! <3

  2. Awwwww Thank you my dear :) If at first i din't succeed, i tried tried tried tried 2 hours lolzzzzzzzzzzzz... Welcome in my Blog dear <3

  3. Yummmmm Looks awesome..m gonna try it soon :)
    just tried ur Jalebi recipe n OMG prefecttttttttt Thnaks a lot <3

  4. Thank you for you sweet feed-back dear Saima :)

  5. UFFFFFF! This looks soooo yummy. But there are so amany many things to put into it, how do we manage all?
    Just love the colourful, inviting, rich pictures. You seem to be an excellent photographer too!

  6. Thank you for your loving words dear Anjabeen :) There is a german saying "the eyes eat with you" so i do try and love to make them presentable : ) Well dear these "so many many " things make it sinfully divine so do try to make it once, believe me you'll love it ...

  7. AoA
    is it the same recipe if I omit mango and nuts which u have as plain kulfi with rooh afza drizzled on it (on foodi) ? maria

  8. Wa'alaikum Assalaam dear Maria; yes dear its the same recipe we can add any flavour to it like mango or pistay or plain khoya :)

  9. Salaam alaikum sister
    what is double cream ? How to prepare ??

  10. Wa'alaikum Assalaam dear Shazia;

    Double cream also called heavy cream,has nearly 48-50% fat. You can buy it in tins, for example the Nestle Cream Tin.
    I have never prepared it at home as i find it easier to buy :)
    You can make it at home with whole fat milk and butter and let it rest in fridge to use it

    You take 1 L full fat milk and 250g of butter
    Melt the butter, add the milk and whisk on high speed around 3 minutes
    Pour in a bowl and keep it over night
    It should be ready the next day.
    But do look for the tin as that will save you a lot of time :)